'American Horror Story: Asylum' recap: 'Nor'easter' reveals the 'sane' people's dark side

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A storm is brewing in more ways than one on "American Horror Story: Asylum," and what better way to calm everyone's nerves than to have a movie night? Of course, things don't always go as planned, even for someone as domineering as Sister Jude. What happened? Read on to find out.

Warning: This article contains spoilers.

Twisted sisters

Looks like our new favorite nuns have some demons to battle, both literally and figuratively. Sister Jude (the exceptional Jessica Lange) is still dealing with her dark past, which if you didn't know includes having hit a young girl with her car in 1949. Someone (or something, as it might be) appears to be taunting her with that particular tidbit, even going so far as to leave a paper from 1949 about the hit and run. During movie night, Sister Jude drinks a bit too much of the communion wine and has to go off in search of a missing patient, when she discovers another monster lurking in the halls. Lange hit all the right notes on this one, perfectly capturing the inner turmoil boiling inside of Sister Jude.

Now that Sister Eunice (scene-stealer Lily Rabe) seems to be the new host for the demon that was released when its former host died, she appears to have a new attitude on life. That includes taunting Sister Jude (though it isn't absolutely clear that it was her, save for the wine) and making advances on Dr. Arden (James Cromwell), whom she still helps out by feeding the creatures in the forest. Rabe really seems to be sinking her teeth into Sister Eunice's new personality, turning in a performance that is not only chilling, but kind of hilarious, as well.

Both actresses are hitting home runs, and it will be interesting to see them face off in later episodes, especially once they discover what is really driving Sister Eunice's new thirst for life.

The great escape, part II

With the storm brewing, Kit (Evan Peters) believes that they have another chance at escape. Grace (Lizzie Brochere) isn't quite convinced but will go along with it. Shelley (Chloe Sevigny) sees them plotting and wants in, as does Lana (Sarah Paulson). Grace doesn't trust Lana since she turned them in last time, but Kit decides it is best if she joins them. Lana is worried because she hasn't heard from her girlfriend Wendy (Clea Duvall), while Dr. Thresden (Zachary Quinto, in a nice change of pace) convinces her that Wendy might have been the latest victim of the real "Bloody Face."

As the guards sit and become involved in the movie, the getaway gang make their exit but are cut off by some of the workers who are busy looking for a missing patient. Shelley decides to distract him so the others can leave, and they finally make their way through. Of course, we all know that cathartic rain shower wouldn't last as the trio comes face to face with whatever is in the forest, running back into the halls and into their empty seats.

Shelley, meanwhile, tries to catch up but comes across Dr. Arden, who attempts to rape her, then fixes her legs (in ways we won't discuss here) so that she never tries to escape again.

Even though it was clear that they were going to fail, fans have become so invested in these characters in just a short amount of time that the possibility of them running free was exhilarating. Also, though Shelley got quite tiresome in the early episodes, Sevigny has taken great lengths to add some extra dimensions, which made the final shot of her legs all the more horrifying.

Will the real Bloody Face please stand up?

One of the best aspects of "Asylum" is that the writers have decided to give us some insights on who might be the real "Bloody Face," which started last week with Dr. Arden. The pictures he has tucked away in his box did not give everything away 100 percent, but it would be hard to argue against the last one that his call girl found. Luckily, she was able to get away, but for how long? As clever as this device was, it was in this week's present day story that really gave us a treat. Teresa and Leo are still running from their version of "Bloody Face," but after "killing" him off and trying to escape, they are shot down by another "Bloody Face." It appears a group of men are playing some kind of game, and just when we think we have our answer to one of the mysteries, another "Bloody Face" shows up (the one that tore off Leo's arm). Simply genius.

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