'American Horror Story: Asylum': Storylines that need resolution before the season ends

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With just four episodes left until the finale of this bizarre "American Horror Story" season, it should be about time for the hanging plots to start being tied up. With most shows, fans have some idea of it will all shake out in the end, but in "American Horror Story: Asylum," everything is still very much down to guesswork. In fact, there are so many storylines happening, it's impossible to judge which ones will gain the most importance as it all draws to a close. Let's take a look at some plot points that definitely need resolving before the season ends.

What will happen to Dr. Thredson?

It really seemed as though Lana (Sarah Paulson) was going to finish Dr. Thredson (Zachary Quinto) after locking him up inside Briarcliff and having Kit (Evan Peters) record his murder confession. However, Lana was thwarted by Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe), and now he's on the loose again. The flash forward to the present day showed the possible son of Thredson, all grown-up, and when he told the therapist who he was, the name was clearly familiar to her. The question is, was Oliver Thredson captured and locked up, or will Lana eventually get the revenge she desperately seeks by killing him for everything he did to her?

Will Sister Mary Eunice's demon be exorcised?

It was very early in the season when a demon hopped into Sister Mary Eunice's body, and since then, her levels of evil have gotten out of control. Sister Jude (Jessica Lange) had hoped to be the one to restore Sister Mary Eunice to her former self, but it didn't work out. So, will Jude get another chance to rescue the formerly shy nun, or will Mary Eunice's devil remain fully intact to cause more chaos?

Is Sister Jude destined to live out her days in the asylum?

Poor Jude. The second she lost her job at Briarcliff, many hints were dropped that she might end up back in the asylum as a patient, not a nun. When it happened, it was a sad moment because, in spite of her moments of sadism, she was very much married to God and fiercely dedicated to Monsignor Timothy Howard (Joseph Fiennes). Jude has vowed to gain Lana's trust and help her escape, but there is no way they will get out of there without a fight. In Episode 1, it was revealed that once committed, nobody ever got out of Briarcliff. Perhaps Jude will be the one exception to that rule.

What about the monsters in the woods?

Well, this is the one plot that has been lost among the rest of the craziness. At the beginning, Sister Mary Eunice was seen feeding buckets of human limbs to Dr. Arden's (James Cromwell) creatures in the woods. Aside from a couple of brief moments, we've barely heard anything about them since. So, what was the point? Hopefully the answer to that question will become clear, or all our speculation will have been for nothing!

"American Horror Story: Asylum" has split viewers' opinions. While some have felt this season's events have been a step too far, others have given it high praise. For those who are still on the fence, the happenings in the final episodes might just be the decider to whether or not they watch next year. Let's hope the writers can give the fans all the answers they need!

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