'American Horror Story' renewed for Season 3: The terrifying series gets another chance to reboot

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'American Horror Story' renewed for Season 3: The terrifying series gets another chance to reboot

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American Horror Story Season 2 Episode 1

You may have wondered whether "American Horror Story" could succeed again this season, when nothing but the show's title stayed the same. Sure, several actors returned to work on the series, but they were playing totally different characters in a completely different world. The anthology concept has worked big time, and the FX series has just gotten the go ahead to do it all over again in 2013.

The third installment will escape the asylum of the '60s and find a new venue for terror. The news of the show's renewal has confirmed at least one recurring theme -- the show's anchor and most intense actress, Jessica Lange, will return for possibly another award winning role. While the other returning actors in Season 2 have yet to be confirmed for another round, it is becoming clear that Lange is the tent pole of this world and the announcement of the show's extension had to coincide with the guarantee of her return.

While other networks look to cash in on the horror craze ignited by FX's groundbreaking show, it will be tough to achieve the kind of intense scares that "AHS" has pulled off. For starters, the major broadcasters cannot get away with the type of situations that make for great horror on their networks, and several others will be hard pressed to find the advertising support needed to carry this type of show. With specialty cable networks like AMC, with "The Walking Dead," and FX able to produce the kinds of scenarios and imagery usually reserved for the movie theater, they have carved out a niche that their biggest competitors will not be able to touch. And with viewers now expecting this kind of intense horror from their evening television, it will be an uphill battle for any major network to garner a passionate following for a scary show.

A series can often suffer from a multi-tasking creator, and sometimes a show's success leads its visionary to turn its attention elsewhere. Fortunately for "AHS," show bosses Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk not only proved they could keep several projects running successfully at once, but the inherently changing nature of the anthology series forces them to keep their eye on the very scary prize at all times. Some may argue that "Glee" is floundering, but "AHS" and their other project, "The New Normal," are going strong.

All signs point to several more installments of "American Horror Story," with a series of skilled performers and tested show creators determined to bring new worlds of terror each and every season. There was a time when network television would never have risked starting over with new characters and settings each year, but the FX series proves that hitting the reset button can be a powerful business, one that they are now poised to stay in for a third installment. Whatever decade the show travels to, and whomever Jessica Lange embodies, it is clear that "American Horror Story" has more terrifying new worlds to create

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