‘American Idol’ judges' drama downplayed, but Twitter tells a different story

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Is all finally quiet on the "American Idol" front?

In the aftermath of the recent judges' drama over at "American Idol," things have seemingly calmed down, but one thing is for certain: The upcoming season will be anything but dull. Of course, that's the whole point, isn't it?

When producers brought in colorful rapper Nicki Minaj to co-judge alongside the already diva-like Mariah Carey, fans braced for the inevitable ensuing catfight. It didn't take long, but now producers of the show are downplaying the drama.

Last week a video of an expletive-filled catfight between the women at the show's Charlotte, N.C., auditions was posted on TMZ, with Minaj reportedly threatening to "knock out" Carey after accusing the "Butterfly" singer of constantly harassing her.

Mariah Carey went a step further, when she brought TV journalist Barbara Walters into the mix. In an untaped telephone interview, Carey told "The View" host that Minaj threatened to shoot her, causing her to hire extra security for herself and her family.

Minaj fired back with a Twitter rant that included tweets like: "I don't call tmz n Barbara Walters cuz I stand on my own two feet," and this doozy: "I guess it hurts 2 have the producers tell u to ur face that nicki is the best judge we've had since simon. Awww, poor u. Keep them lies cmn."

Barbara Walters addressed the feud on Monday's episode of "The View," after Minaj reportedly directed a tweet at her that said, "Barbara walters didn't reach out from our team barbz. I guess we're too dangerous. Don't shake if u don't wanna get shook!!!!"

"Nicki has said, 'Well, why didn't we reach out to her? It was one-sided,'" Walters said on Monday morning. "We did. Even on the air, at that moment. I didn't have her home phone. We said, 'Please call us! Have your representative call us!'"

Despite Minaj's public Twitter rant, producers are saying that things are just fine with their "Idol" family. In a statement, producers praised their "passionate, dynamic and invested judging panel" and slammed the media speculation of a judges' feud, claiming much of it is "inaccurate."

Does that go for former "Idol" judge Steven Tyler? A recent TMZ video shows him saying, "Of course. Are you kidding?" when asked if the catfight between the show's judges seemed staged.

Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj posted a cryptic tweet to someone late last week: "Oop sorry brat. S*** is real in the field. Pls accept my apology."

Next on the agenda for the "Idol" judges? Finding the best musical talent in Baton Rouge, La. Drama queens need not apply.

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