'America's Got Talent' recap: America's choices are revealed

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After Tuesday night's up and down performances on "America's Got Talent," the four acts that will move on to the next round were revealed. So many acts were on the edge of greatness, but just didn't quite cut it in the eyes of the judges. So, what did America think? And would Howie Mandel and Howard Stern make up after their contentious disagreement over Big Barry's presence in the show?

In addition to the results, there was a hilarious clip in which Howie Mandel disguised himself as a hotel clerk and harassed the contestants. He pretended to lose the lion mask for the acrobatic act and accused the magicians of making items disappear in the hotel. It's hard to believe that the contestants didn't recognize Howie or catch on to the joke, but it was funny nonetheless. Finally, the results were revealed.

America's Choices:

-Turf, the dancer and contortionist, clearly won over America's heart with his passion for dancing. He was very emotional when the results were announce, but with his amazing moves and talent, it wasn't a surprise that he was a top choice to move through to the semifinals.

-Tim Hockenberry, the singer who has been compared to Joe Cocker, received rave reviews from the judges on Tuesday night's show. When he found out he was going through to the next round, he exhaled in relief: "Let's just say that my faith has been rocked a little tonight. I really thought it was over for me. Thank you, America!"

-Tom Cotter, the smart and pithy comedian, also grew emotional when his name was called. The veteran comedian has been working in comedy clubs and paying his dues for 25 years and is finally seeing the fruits of his labor. Sharon said, "I'm so happy for you, Tom, and your family. Congratulations, you deserve it!"

Judges Choice:

Donovan and Rebecca, the couple who performs amazing feats of strength, made their plea to stay in the competition by saying they had much more variety to show America. Rebecca said, "There are many more ways to lift Donavan, Howard. You have no idea!" Howard Stern and Howie Mandel actually agreed on putting this act through to the semifinals.

Along with all the victories, there were a few memorable acts who went home. Unsurprisingly, Big Barry was sent packing. Howard Stern told Big Barry earlier in the show, "You're like herpes; the act just doesn't go away." But as Big Barry left the stage, Howard stopped him and gave him some kind words, so he left on good terms. There were a few tears from Danielle Stallings, the 14-year-old singer who was sent home by the judges. She seemed so disappointed, but was assured by the judges that she has a bright future ahead of her.

The next 12 quarterfinalists perform on Tuesday, July 17, at 9pm.

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