'America's Got Talent' Recap: Big Barry Goes to Vegas, a Squirrel Goes Home

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This week "America's Got Talent" took its panel of judges over to Tampa Bay, Florida. The first group, The Untouchables looked very promising and didn't disappoint. The group of young, bright eyed, dancers ranged in age from 8-13. They invigorated the audience with their enthusiasm. For such a young group, they hit their moves sharply, and impressed with their confidence. "It was precise…and technically it was at such a high level," Sharon said. They were a definite "yes" to Vegas.

Another dancing team, The Scott Brothers, followed with a pop-and-locking routine that also earned them a trip to Vegas.

The first act to truly go south was Puppets on Hand, a group of geeky puppeteers who created a worm circus. The audience began booing almost right away, while Howie stood up and clapped. Although Howie was firmly for sending the crew on to Vegas, logic won the day, and the puppeteers would not be going anywhere. In true "America's Got Talent" fashion, the bad act was followed by more sad acts, including lack luster hip hop, a strange clown who tore shapes out of paper, and a hippy who performed "the sport of air sex."

The most disappointing act of the night goes to Captain Ned and his Scurvy Crew, a crew of rapping pirates. They came on with great gusto and awesome costumes, but when they began singing "Put Your Hooks Up, and Yo Ho Ho," it was clear that these pirates wouldn't be sailing on to Vegas. As Nick put it, the act was "Arr-ful."

The strangest act of the night was Twiggy the waterskiing squirrel. Her owner took the audience outside to a small pool where the squirrel rode a tiny pair of skis and waved at the audience. He seemed to be having a good time, but Howard Stern said that the act was too limited, and Sharon agreed.

The American BMX Stunt team had the audience on the edge of their seats, and as they performed closely timed stunts on ramps. A few times it seemed as if they might collide with each other -- but they finished with cheers from the audience. The burley group of guys seemed really proud of their team, and beamed when the got three "yeses" to Vegas.

Lindsay Norton, a 16-year-old acrobatic dancer, performed with precision and grace. Howard Stern raved about the young girl saying, "What you do is mesmerizing and belongs on a stage."

The evening ended on a very strange note with Big Barry, a small person who called himself a "70-year-old teenager." When he sang, he was so off-key that he didn't make it a few seconds before he was buzzed. However, in a very strange turn of events, Howard Stern changed his mind and sent him though to Vegas. It was a big surprise, and even more surprises are in store next week!

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