'America's Got Talent' recap: Departing judge's favorite act wins

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In the season finale of "America's Got Talent" Season 7, judge Sharon Osbourne got a parting gift when one of her favorite acts won.

The performance-filled night began as David Garibaldi and His CMYKs painted a portrait of Flo Rida as he rapped "Where Dem Girls At" into a blinged-out microphone.

Ne-Yo, dressed in white, was surrounded by dancers for his uneven performance of "Let Me Love You Until You Learn to Love Yourself."

William Close's harp and handmade instruments combined seamlessly with One Republic for "Secrets/Good Life."

Olate Dogs performed tricks as singer Frankie J entered, and The Untouchables contributed background ballroom dancing.

One of the season's quirkiest acts, grandfatherly rapper Burton Crane, delivered a remix of his original song, "Whatcha Gonna Do?" joined by host Nick Cannon, along with E-40 and The Rangers.

In a humorous piece, Howie Mandel snuck miniature crooner Big Barry into the studio to serenade Howard Stern.

Blue Man Group contributed sensory overload with their song "Shake Your Euphemisms," incorporating glowing figures, floating giant white balloons, lights, and confetti.

Tom Cotter's roast of the judges was interrupted by Joan Rivers, who showed him how it was done. Tom took over again, turning up the mean.

Joe Castillo, sand artist, performed with the PS22 Chorus, who sang Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory." Joe created a globe with children holding hands, transforming into a child's portrait.

Nick brought out the finalists to announce sixth place: The Untouchables. Sharon told them not to be sad, because it's her last show, too. "We're leaving together, hand in hand."

In fifth place, Nick announced Joe Castillo. Joe's wife was wearing a black beret in support. Howie praised him for "opening up our minds and leading us down paths we'd never gone before."

After a break, Nick announced fourth place: David Garibaldi and His CMYKs. David gave a shout-out to Denny Dent, who created this artistic style. Howard told David to take a big bow. "You electrified our lives."

The audience was going crazy when Nick introduced Justin Bieber, who sang "As Long as You Love Me," featuring Big Sean. The Biebs danced with background dancers in black and silver.

Then a montage of Nick highlights involving him dancing and riding a bull ensued.

Green Day performed "Oh Love," rocking out with minimal staging.

Back to the results. The act finishing third, Nick announced, was William Close. The crowd booed as the judges gave a standing ovation.

Would Tom Cotter or Olate Dogs be the winner? It was Olate Dogs! Sharon ran onstage to congratulate them as confetti exploded. The other finalists joined them, and in a final surreal moment, Joe Castillo bestowed a black leather beret on Nick.

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