'America's Got Talent' recap: Favorites perform in quarterfinals

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Twelve more acts performed in the fourth Quarterfinals rounds of "America's Got Talent" Season 7.

David "The Bullet" Smith incorporated dancing cheerleaders while, carrying a football, he climbed inside a cannon to attempt a 40-yard field goal, and was blasted through goal posts. When he landed, fireworks exploded and a referee blew a whistle. Sharon Osbourne thought next time he ought to fly over a bed of alligators on fire.

All That, the all-male clogging group who were Season 1 finalists, performed a precise routine involving mock fighting. Sharon suggested they return with leather trousers and no tops (instead of distressed blue jeans with button-down shirts). Howie Mandel disagreed but wasn't sure if they'd stand out from other acts.

Ulysses, the TV-tune crooner, performed the "American Bandstand" theme, starting at a piano (though either not playing or insufficiently miked) with dancers in retro outfits. All three judges buzzed him. Howie didn't like that he'd tried to "Vegas up" his act, even though every competitor does. Howard Stern compared the act to terrorism, blaming his fellow judges for advancing him.

Sand painter Joe Castillo created first a walrus, then a panda, a lion, an elephant, and a weeping eye. Howard called him amazing and liked the environmental message. Sharon was touched by the "well-executed" act.

Sebastien El Charro, the young mariachi singer, sang a ballad, showing off extraordinary control. Sharon said she loved it, making the little boy tear up. Howard was surprised that he loved it, since it's not his kind of music.

Eric Dittelman, mentalist/magician, imitated Howie's game show, "Deal or No Deal," having the judges interact with assistants holding cases, finally selecting a case that said inside, "You Will Choose This Case." Howard said he's been getting better and, if America doesn't vote for him, "something's wrong with the show." Howie called him "the real deal."

William Close and the Earth Harp Collective performed The Who's "Love Reign O'er Me" with handmade instruments: a giant harp and spinning drums. Howie thought he could win and Howard called him "almost unbeatable."

Unity in Motion combined dance with eye-catching balance moves. Howard called them the best dance act. Sharon thought they were perfect, though Howie feared they were not spectacular enough.

Eric and Olivia performed an acoustic version of Taoi Cruz's "Dynamite," with help from backup musicians. Howard thought Olivia got lost in the arrangement, which lacked emotion.

Lindsey Norten, a dancer/acrobat, performed in front of mirrors. Both Howie and Howard liked her but thought she might not make it through.

Horse, the "King of the Nut Shots," "fought off" baddies who continually hit him in the crotch. Howard said, "You did not drop the ball tonight."

Super-cute Olate Dogs performed tricks such as jumping, balancing, walking on hind legs, and going down a slide. Sharon called them magnificent. Howard, who just lost his pet dog, noted the special bond they have with their dogs.

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