'America's Got Talent' recap: Rejected acts redeem themselves on wild card night

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Tuesday, 8/21, was wild card night on "America's Got Talent," and it was packed with great moments. Here are the most notable of the evening:

Spencer Horsman, the world's youngest escape artist, wowed the crowd with a daring escape inside a clear box, slowly being filled with cement. He had to unlock eight padlocks, and an iron bar, before he was literally cemented inside this box. As usual, he made it till the last second and then climbed outside the box. He had the judges on their feet.

Sharon brought back All That!, the all-male clogging group. They stepped it up by dancing in unison with projected silhouettes. Their technique was awesome, and they ended the whole performance by ripping off one of the guy's shirts. Sharon said that she loved the act, but Howie Mandel didn't think it was good enough to win.

Jarrett and Raja, the magical duo, were determined to redeem themselves after their last performance, in which they were booed. In this act, they performed an illusion where the pianist disappeared from a box and reappeared in the back of the theater. Howie Mandel was exuberant, and the audience was on their feet.

Jake Wesley Rogers sang Lady Gaga's "The Edge of Glory" with a band. While his quirky style was cool, the song didn't stand out. Sharon loved it, but once again, Howie Mandel and Howard were less than enthusiastic.

Cristin Sandu, the balancing artist, fell during his last performance and was very disappointed. This time around, he had his father on stage with him for support, but it didn't help. After stacking pipes, he stood on top surrounded by flames. Unfortunately, he fell again. The judges were very supportive.

Todd Oliver, the animal ventriloquist, took Howard Stern's advice to make the act topical and political. The audience received the jokes very well, and the act definitely seemed fresher and more edgy.

The Bandaz Brothers, a balancing and strength act, performed a risky balancing act. Sharon said, that the act was "Breathtaking, and the timing was superb."

Sebastian "El Charro," the 10 year-old mariachi singer, sang a mariachi/Frank Sinatra hybrid of "New York, New York." It actually worked. Howie said, "You are more than a singer…I think you are a star!"

In a night filled with amazing acts, some weren't quite as noteworthy: Horse got hit in his nether regions, and Lindsey Norton, the dancer, performed beautifully. Andrew De Leon also made a comeback, stunning everyone with his clear voice. He seemed more confident and took command of the stage. The night ended with Ben Blaque performing a complicated crossbow stunt.

The results will be revealed tonight, 8/22, at 9PM on NBC.

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