'America's Got Talent': Semifinalists step it up

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In the second semifinals week of "America's Got Talent," Season 7, 12 acts competed for three finals slots.

Clog dancers All That! began with a soloist. Then they all lit their shoes on fire and, finally, danced in water. Sharon liked their leather costumes and quick footwork. Howie Mandel said they're one-dimensional. Howard Stern liked that they'd featured a soloist.

Young mariachi singer Sebastien "El Charro de Oro" sang in Spanish, his strong suit. Howard pointed out his weakness in his mid-range. Sharon called it "absolute perfection."

The Magic of Puck levitated an assistant under a cloth. He brought a box onstage and revealed her inside. Howard liked that he'd done something bigger.

Clint Carvalho and His Extreme Parrots featured a bird dancing, mailing a letter, flying through hoops, and retrieving a 7-Up can. While Sharon loved it, Howard didn't think it was a million-dollar act.

Jacob Williams, comedian, did his awkward standup, which fell flat. Howie found him endearing. Howard liked his persona but found the material weak.

Maurice and Shanice Hayes, father and daughter, sang Mariah Carey's "Anytime You Need a Friend" in evening attire with a choir. The judges agreed the daughter is the true star.

All Wheel Sports began with dancers on wires in black light, then added BMX bikes, trampoline stunts and dancers. One cyclist wiped out but got right back up. Sharon praised the act's staging. Howie said, "This is Cirque du Soleil meets the X Games" but didn't know what it looks like on TV.

Tim Hockenberry performed John Lennon's "Imagine," adding some smoothness to his raspy whiskey voice. The performance brought Howard to his feet. Howie said he could listen to him all night long but wasn't sure he'd get through. Howard thought it was the most moving singing performance they've had and that he deserves a place in the finals.

Young dance troupe The Untouchables danced the tango with a dramatic split-second costume change. Howard thought they were remarkable, and Howie called them amazing. Sharon loved their costumes and technique.

Olate Dogs featured dogs jumping rope, riding a scooter, and finally jumping over the trainers as they did diving somersaults. Sharon gave them a standing ovation and begged everyone to vote: "I want to see these angels again."

Lightwire Theater portrayed dinosaurs battling a cat with lasers, and doing a "Matrix"-style pause and spin. Howie said they deserve their own headline show. Sharon said it was like a 3-D experience.

David Garibaldi and His CMYKs painted the Statue of Liberty in four panels while dancing hip-hop. Howard predicted they'd be one of the acts to go through, but they need to move faster. Sharon praised their passion and creativity.

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