‘Anger Management’: Noureen DeWulf talks about working with Charlie Sheen

The actress admits she had trepidations about signing on for Sheen’s new sitcom

‘Anger Management’: Noureen DeWulf talks about working with Charlie Sheen

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Noureen DeWulf as Lacey on "Anger Management."

Last spring, as everyone watched the ongoing saga of Charlie Sheen unfold, most people did it from a safe distance. That's not the case for the cast of Sheen's new sitcom "Anger Management," who chose to walk straight into the red-hot glow of Charlie's spotlight.

Some might say the risk was minimal. If the show failed, they could blame it on a star, who was, perhaps, still seemingly spiraling out of control. But if it were a hit, they'd be working with the winning actor while he was on his victory lap.

Noureen DeWulf had trepidations about signing on to work with Charlie Sheen

In a recent conference call interview, Noureen DeWulf talked about signing on for the role of Lacey on "Anger Management." They 28-year-old New Yorker admitted that she had some concerns when taking the part. "Charlie did have an amazing, crazy last year with so much media attention."

But she felt that Sheen, who she called a "sitcom legend," had good odds at having a successful comeback. After all he had been the highest paid actor on television on his last series, "Two and a Half Men." And he'd garnered four Emmy and two Golden Globe nominations for the role.

Sure, 2011 proved to be a major career speed bump, but the Hollywood legend had been in the driver's seat for many years, and he clearly knew how to navigate the industry's twists and turns. Honored to be a part of his journey, DeWulf willingly decided to ride shotgun.

Noureen DeWulf thought Charlie Sheen's eccentricities were an asset

She looked at Sheen's eccentricities as an asset. "He's interesting. I knew it was going to be an awesome experience for me to have personally and professionally."

And she acknowledged that her bold career choice seems to have paid off. "Anger Management's" premiere episode debuted with better ratings than that of any cable show in history. And with nine installments under their belts, Sheen and his costars are going strong.

That can also be chalked up to the chemistry of the cast. On the show, Sheen stars as a group therapist, who leads a motley crew of people in need of anger management classes -- Michael Arden, Derek Richardson, Barry Corbin, and DeWulf.

The sole woman in the cranky collective, DeWulf is happily hoping the show runs for a long time. She summed up her experience of working on the sitcom, saying, "It's a blast. Working with Charlie is amazing. You can't ask to work with a more interesting person, honestly."

See for yourself when "Anger Management" airs on Thursday nights at 9:30PM EST/8:30PM CST on FX.

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