Anna Wintour: 'There Were Tears in the Office of Vogue' for Gay Marriage (Video)

The Wrap

She may be known as “Nuclear Wintour” in certain haute circles, but Anna Wintour thawed a little on Wednesday's “Colbert Report” while talking about President Obama's embrace of gay marriage.

Colbert stayed in faux-conservative character, pushing the Vogue editrix to take her own stand on the subject by asking, "Are there gay people in the fashion world? Are you as angry as I am about this gay marriage thing?"

Au contraire. "I am thrilled," Wintour said. "There were tears in the office of Vogue today on the support of gay marriage."

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As usual, Colbert was at the ready with the clever comeback -- "You're reinforcing a hateful stereotype, you realize" -- but Wintour kept her cool.

"I think it's a long-overdue endorsement and we're honored that he's come forward finally," she said.

And of course, Wintour and Colbert took a moment to talk fashion while they were at it. Watch their chat from "The Colbert Report" below.

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