'Arrow' Recap: Criminals Pray for 'Salvation' From a New Vigilante

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In "Arrow" episode "Salvation," Oliver has competition in the market of saving the soul of the city, his mother tries to wriggle out of her role as traitor to the "Undertaking," and Thea nearly loses a friend.

Bad boys will be bad boys

After their kiss at the hospital in last week's episode, it appears Thea and her bad boy Roy are still going at it. That is until Roy gets a gun in a paper bag delivered to him. The professional thief is forced to confess that he owes dangerous people money and knocking over a liquor store is just the way things happen in The Glades. Thea storms out.

A new vigilante

Felicity is "100 percent in" on Arrow taking out the next guy on the list, a Glades slumlord who doesn't care how many people die in his dilapidated buildings. Unfortunately someone has beaten our archer to it, kidnapping the villain and making him beg for his life on a live Internet stream. This new vigilante acts as judge, jury, and executioner.

He's too quick and clever for Felicity to track online, and she's forced to watch as the ADA who botched the vigilante's wife's murder case is also killed onscreen. Distraught, she later tells Oliver that she feels lucky not to be in a relationship, because how would she explain this day to him?

Laurel learns the truth about Sara

Laurel is disturbed when she comes home to her parents looking like a happily married couple in their war room -- maps and photos spread around -- clearly still on the path to finding Sara. She thought her dad would be helping her mom see it wasn't a realistic hope.

She decides to do some digging on her own, and her connections in the Chinese embassy help her to locate the actual girl in the photo -- who is not Sara. Confronted with the truth, Dinah breaks down with an anguished confession that she saw her daughter before she left with Oliver. Sara said she was in love and moved by her romantic plea, Dinah let her go. Laurel is horrified, but her dad comforts his ex as she accepts blame for killing their daughter.

Roy faces his executioner

Thea goes back to Roy's house on the night of the planned robbery, hoping to stop him. Before they finish their argument, they're attacked. Thea is brutally struck down to the ground, and Roy is injected with a knock-out drug and dragged into a van. Thea runs to her brother's nightclub and makes it in time to see Roy online with the vigilante killer. Oliver leaves Thea with Tommy, promising her that her friend will be safe.

Down in the lair, Digg recognizes the mechanical sound on the recording of the vigilante's last murder. It's a subway car in tunnels long since abandoned under The Glades. That's why Felicity got the locations wrong previously, because the target was moving. She pulls up the old maps, and Arrow is off to catch the train at its next stop.

Roy buys himself some time by shocking the "Savior" vigilante with a confession. He agrees that he doesn't deserve to live, that no one will miss him when he's gone. He urges his abductor to kill him, but Arrow dives through a window to break up the party. The Savior is upset that his personal hero would try to stop him; he feels they're providing the city the same service. When he tries to finish the job with Roy, Arrow is forced to kill him.


Roy find Thea at the nightclub, and it's clear as he embraces her tightly that he's grateful to be alive. Overjoyed at his rescue, Thea excuses herself to go freshen up her battered appearance, and it gives Roy a moment to reflect. From his pocket, he pulls the small arrow that Oliver launched in the train to help him cut free and stares down at it thoughtfully.

Oliver and Slade's epic fail

In this week's flashback, Oliver and Slade try to exchange the missile launcher's circuit board for a boat off the island, but of course, the meet is a trap. Fyers threatens to kill Yao Fei's daughter Shado (Celina Jade), and Oliver finally understands Yao's motivations. Shado turns out to have some wicked fighting skills of her own, and the four nearly escape.

Yao gets shot in the leg and insists Slade and Oliver take his daughter and run. They're forced to leave him behind. Once in safety, Shado expresses her anger over their stupidity, saying Fyers would never have let them get off the island with what he's planning. Slade insists she share what she knows.

Traitors revealed

Back in the present, Moira meets a couple times with Frank Chen, letting him know that Malcolm is on their trail. Frank should have left town, because it's not long before she gives him up as the traitor and sees him killed by the Dark Archer right in front of her. She begs the assassin to let Frank's daughter live, that "she's suffered enough," and he reluctantly agrees, thanking her for her loyalty. Back in her car, Moira weeps hysterically as she tries to wipe some Lady Macbeth-esque blood off her hands.

No man is an island

Oliver runs into Laurel at the nightclub, and the two share a moment of friendship after they've both had a tough day. Clearly affected by the talks he's been having with Digg about maintaining a real life, and the brutality of the "Savior," Oliver tells Laurel he doesn't want to be on the island anymore. Back at the lair, he lets Felicity know that if she ever needs to commiserate about their work, he's there to talk to. Meanwhile, Laurel lets her mother know that she still loves her and asks Dinah to call her sometimes when she's back home.

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