'Arrow' Recap: Malcolm Sets Plans in Motion for 'The Undertaking'

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In Wednesday night's "Arrow" episode, "The Undertaking," Oliver gets back to work without Diggle's help. Felicity gets a lead on Walter, Tommy tells Laurel the real reason they broke up, and Oliver finally learns the truth about his mother.

A lead on Walter's kidnapping

Arrow threatens a crooked accountant and nabs his laptop. When Felicity breaks the encryption, she finds a money transfer that corresponds to the day of Walter's kidnapping. They trace the money to an illegal casino owner, and Felicity goes undercover to try and bug his computer for information. She gets into trouble, however, and Arrow is forced to do things the brute force way. The kidnapper confesses that he handed Walter over, then heard him being shot.

Oliver learns the truth about Moira

Oliver and Felicity are devastated, and Oliver goes home to tell his mother and sister what happened. He makes up a story about finding the information from a contact of Diggle's. To Oliver and Thea's surprise, Moira reacts with complete denial and storms out of the house. It's too odd for Oliver to ignore, and he follows her to Malcolm's office. He overhears their conversation, which includes Malcolm making a call to bring up live video of Walter, to show to an agitated Moira.

Felicity goes over to Diggle's place to ask him to come back and help Oliver. He's not interested in taking the high road, however, and demands an apology from Oliver first. Somehow he doesn't see he's hurting Felicity the same way Oliver hurt him.

Arrow to the rescue

Oliver comes back to the lair with the information about Malcolm and his mother. Stunned, Felicity traces the call Malcolm made and finds Walter's location. Arrow storms the compound, anger fueling his skills and leaving a pile of incapacitated bad guys in his wake. He gets Walter to the safety of a hospital, where the family happily unites. It takes all of Oliver's willpower to not let on to Moira and Malcolm that he knows they were responsible.

The Undertaking

This week's flashback gives us a glimpse of how "The Undertaking" began. It turns out that Oliver's father originally belonged to a group with Malcolm that was trying to clean up the crime in the city. Frustrated with their lack of progress and his wife's death, Malcolm suggests leveling the Glades. He's got a company developing a device that can devastate the area but mask it as a natural disaster.

Robert Queen has mixed feelings about such a drastic measure and confides in Moira. She begs him to stop it. He plots with Frank Chen, but Frank turns out to be the one who sabotaged Robert's boat for Malcolm. We see Robert and Oliver departing together. It's tough to see Old Oliver in action, kissing Laurel goodbye and taking the photo she gives him, while he's got her sister sneaking onto the boat. We learn he was acting out against the pressure of moving in with Laurel and taking that next step in the relationship.

Laurel learns one truth about Oliver

Back in the present, Laurel won't let Tommy off the hook so easily. She confronts him at his new job, saying she knows he's not telling her the whole story. Under pressure, he insists, "You belong with Oliver. He still loves you." Certain he's wrong, she goes to see Oliver at the hospital. She asks him to talk to Tommy, to say that there's nothing between them. He tells her he can't, because it would be a lie. Laurel is overwhelmed at this revelation.

The next step

Oliver goes to Diggle's apartment and apologizes, and tells him he was right about everything, including his mother. Diggle is surprised to hear that Tommy's dad is also involved. Oliver warns that whatever they're planning, it's going to be huge, and he needs Diggle's help to stop it. He's right, because as Malcolm promised Moira, the destructive device is being transported into the city limits at that very moment.

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