'Arrow' recap: Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity go after the murderous 'Dodger'

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In Wednesday night's "Arrow" episode "Dodger," Oliver learns from Felicity that there are less-violent ways of gathering information. While she's at it, the newest member of the vigilante team also prods her cohorts to get back into the dating scene. Meanwhile, Thea gets a glimpse of the personal side of the justice system.

New target: The Dodger

Concerned that Arrow might kill the next guy on his list, a father of a 10-year-old boy, she locks the door to keep him inside the lair. As expected, Oliver's not happy, and the two have an argument that leads to Felicity quitting. The next day, he and Digg find her at her work and attempt to reconcile. It takes some convincing, but the two get her to agree to help on a new case, one that could immediately help save lives.

The target is a master thief called The Dodger (James Callis) -- called so because he avoids getting his own hands dirty in his heists by strapping bomb collars on victims and forcing them do the stealing for him. His latest crime is nabbing a giant museum gem, then setting up his reputation in America by murdering the fence who tried to cheat him. He's a clever criminal with a sneaky stun weapon he uses to incapacitate anyone who gets in his way.

Oliver and Diggle ask out a couple ladies

To get information on The Dodger, Felicity suggests Oliver work his flirting magic on his detective friend McKenna in Major Crimes. He confesses he'd normally terrify the information out of whomever he got his hands on, but agrees to try it her way. Five years on an island gives him some leeway on his awkward attempts at asking for a date, and he gets his chance to plant a recording device on McKenna's phone. It's not long before they're getting leads from the police's investigation.

Arrow's on the scene when the cops bust up Dodger's meeting with another fence, but with the help of an exploding bomb collar he tosses Oliver's way, the thief escapes. It seems the only way to catch him now is to lure him to an upcoming auction with a jeweled antiquity they know he'll be interested in.

In between bouts of crime-fighting, Oliver goes out with McKenna, and Diggle finally asks Carly out to dinner. Neither one of them does well, with Oliver getting defensive about his date's questions concerning his time on the island. Things seem to going smoothly for Digg, until he ruins a romantic moment by bringing up his late brother. Both guys return to the Arrow lair in a bad mood.

Thea gets robbed

Meanwhile, Thea gets her purse snatched when she's out with Laurel. With the clue of a wallet chain Laurel finds after the criminal jumps a fence to elude them, Thea does some research and tracks down her robber. Laurel gets Detective Lance involved, but when he brings the teenager in for questioning, his sob story about his Vertigo-addicted mother affects Thea, and she drops the charges.

She then decides to stop by his house in The Glades, to ask for her purse back. He's impressed by her bravery, and grudgingly returns it to her. He also warns her not to come into the dangerous neighborhood again, and to not fall for every story "a guy like me" tells to get out of trouble.

Moira meets China White

Elsewhere on the home front, Moira invites an old friend over to discuss The Undertaking. Specifically, she wants to get out of it and is sure he does to. He hooks her up with a contact who he thinks can help, and she meets with a woman who turns out to be China White. Moira tells her new friend that she needs her to kill Malcolm Merlyn.

Hunting down The Dodger

At the auction, things don't go according to plan. Felicity unexpectedly catches The Dodger as he's stealing the antiquity and ends up with a bomb collar around her neck. As Digg tries to disarm it, Oliver jumps on a motorcycle and pursues the trigger man's car with a frightened Felicity assisting him with all her GPS gadgetry.

Oliver eventually causes the car to overturn, and he approaches with the motorcycle helmet on to protect his identity. This time he's ready for The Dodger's tricks, and a strategically placed arrow cripples the criminal's hand function so he's unable to detonate Felicity's collar. He frees his technogeek friend and then turns Dodger's own stun whip against him; the thief goes down.

Romance in bloom?

Digg and Oliver go on personal peacekeeping missions, and both earn a kiss from their respective romantic interests. Oliver confesses to McKenna that he doesn't like remembering the bad times on the island or the "tough choices" he had to make. In flashbacks, we see that he was forced to choose between helping another stranger on the island, or getting some needed herbal medicine back to Slade. Slade won out.

In the present, things only look better for a few moments, as Detective Lance breaks up his romantic moment with McKenna. Oliver barely suppresses a frustrated eyeroll when Laurel's father invites McKenna to join him in his pursuit of the vigilante. She, of course, heartily agrees.

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