'Arrow' Recap: Oliver, Laurel, and Tommy Fight Off a 'Home Invasion'

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Wednesday night's "Arrow" episode, "Home Invasion," could just as easily be called "Oliver Hurts the People He Loves." Whether through impossible circumstances or his own choices, Oliver digs deeper holes of resentment this week with his closest friends, Tommy and Diggle.

Just friends

Oliver takes a bit of suggestive ribbing from Digg and Felicity for making a lunch date with Laurel. He insists the two are just friends, but they know (and we know) that there's more to it than that. Oliver heads over to Laurel's office, where she introduces him to her new clients -- a couple and their son -- who are suing a powerful, dangerous tycoon to get back their life savings.

Later that day, a man claiming to be Laurel's assistant gains entry to the clients' home and kills the couple. The little boy escapes out a window, but the hitman promises his employer by phone that he'll take care of the loose end as soon as possible. When Oliver catches news of the murders on TV, he rushes back to Laurel's office. Tommy's not particularly happy to see him, especially when he learns his girlfriend had lunch plans with Oliver.

Friends in need

Laurel appoints herself temporary guardian of the orphaned boy to keep him safe until his grandparents arrive. Detective Lance puts a squad car in front of her apartment, and Tommy promises to keep watch over them both. When the hitman shows up with a fake police badge, Laurel knows enough to run and get her shotgun -- but she's low on ammo. Thankfully, Arrow arrives just in time to chase off the intruder before any of the three are killed.

After examining the crime scene, Lance suggests putting all of them in protective custody. Laurel tells him she feels safe with Arrow watching out for her. Tommy grudgingly comes up with the best solution --bunking at Oliver's fortress of a home, complete with stone towers and their own private security team. Everyone agrees.

Roy looks for a hero

Meanwhile, Roy seems intent on tracking down the vigilante that saved his life. He steals a radio from Detective Lance, hoping to catch a lead to his savior's whereabouts. Unfortunately the policeman is no dummy, and Roy soon finds himself handcuffed to a chair in the station house. Thea comes to plead forgiveness from Lance, and he gives them a Scared Straight lesson by taking them to the morgue to show them one of The Hood's many victims.

Roy is unmoved. He confesses later to Thea that the vigilante has saved his life, not just by rescuing him from a madman, but by making him see that he needed to find some purpose in his life. He somehow feels his destiny lies with Arrow, so he has to find him. Thea can see how important it is to him, and he's thrilled when she tells him she'll help him find his vigilante hero.

Oliver makes an impossible choice

Digg gets a lead on his government contact, who's heading an operation to trap Deadshot with a fake assassination contract. Oliver agrees to join Digg at the meet the agents have set up to help take out the hitman before he hurts anyone else. This means leaving his friends at home under the protection of his home security, and Tommy is angry that Oliver won't be staying to offer his own protection.

On his way out of the lair, Felicity lets Oliver know that she's tracked the man who most likely put out the hit on Laurel's clients. He's leaving town that night, and if Oliver has any hope of stopping the contract on the little boy, he'll have to act now. He makes his choice and leaves Digg hanging at the Deadshot trap.

Everything goes wrong

Oliver gets his man to confess to police, but unfortunately, the hitman isn't into leaving any loose ends. He poses as a lawyer and kills his boss, then heads over to Oliver's house to kill the only other witness who's seen his face. Meanwhile, the Deadshot sting goes south with four agents killed and the perpetrator getting away. Digg is furious that Oliver once again chose Laurel over anyone else, no matter the consequences.

Oliver is home when the hitman comes to finish off the little boy. His own security people are killed, and Oliver has to use all his skills to finally take the killer down with a fireplace poker. Lance is suspicious when he arrives, but Tommy backs up Oliver's story that one of the security men finished off the assassin before he died of his own wounds.

Broken hearts, broken friendships

Tommy can see how all of his has proven that Oliver still has intense feelings for Laurel, and she for him. He thinks that if Laurel knew her ex's true identity, she'd want to be with him even more, and Tommy just can't deal with that knowledge. To Laurel's surprise, he tells her he's breaking up with her because he's figured out he can't provide the commitment she wants. She can see he's lying but doesn't know why, and they both end up heartbroken.

In the midst of totally losing Tommy as a friend, and inadvertently hurting the woman he's always loved most, Oliver gets another blow. Digg shows up at the lair just long enough to say that it's clear they're no longer on the same wavelength about anything, and that he's done working with Arrow. There's nothing Oliver can say to stop him.

A Yao Fei betrayal?

In this week's island flashback, Oliver gets closer to Shado as she tries to train him with the bow. They share a romantic kiss, but he prevents anything further, telling her he still has feelings for his girlfriend back home. There isn't much time to discuss it or plan to rescue Yao Fei, because Shado's father suddenly appears in their hidden camp. Before they realize what's happening, they're surrounded by soldiers, and Yao ominously tells Oliver that his time on the island has ended.

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