'Arrow' recap: Wounded Oliver re-lives his own version of 'The Odyssey'

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Wednesday's "Arrow" episode "The Odyssey" picked up from last week's cliffhanger. Oliver pays a visit to his mother as the vigilante; even at arrow-point, Moira is as crafty as ever.

With his digitally altered voice, Oliver questions his mother about Walter. She claims not to know anything, and when asked about "The Undertaking," she suddenly falls to her knees and begs for her life. She even shows him pictures of her children. Obviously moved by his mother's pleas, Oliver lowers his weapon -- and Moira raises hers.

Moira has good aim. She gets Oliver in the shoulder. While he's down, she quickly calls for help. When she dares to look again, Arrow is gone, leaving a pool of blood behind. We next see Oliver hiding in the back of Felicity Smoak's car, and before he passes out, he promises to take her to his father's factory.

Felicity finds the location, and luckily Diggle is inside. He helps her bring the wounded Arrow inside his lair, and the two are forced to perform some impromptu surgery to save Oliver's life. Felicity proves to be a steady nurse, even repairing the malfunctioning defibrillator so they can jump-start Oliver's heart.

While he's unconscious, Oliver relives a flashback to the island, where he and Slade prepare to ambush the airstrip. The supply plane flying in is their ticket to get off the island, and there won't be another one for three months. Slade is motivated to get Oliver into fighting shape, insisting they won't survive for long if they don't get out now.

Oliver is unenthusiastic, since most of the training involves him getting beaten up. Frustrated, he asks Slade how practicing with sticks is going to help him when someone points a gun in his face. His new friend quickly shows him how to disarm a man with a gun and get the weapon for himself. Oliver is slightly more inspired.

Slade tells Oliver about his secret services partner, Billy, who (when they crashed on the island) turned against him and took up Fyers's offer to join his mercenaries. Slade warns Oliver that the masked torturer is just one example of how every person is simply out for themselves.

Slade keeps the airstrip mission simple -- he'll take out 10 guys and Oliver only one. With Slade removing obstacles for him, Oliver makes his way to the radio tower to subdue the guard there and keep him from calling for backup. Since he's not a trained killer, Oliver doesn't have enough fight in him to get the job done, but Slade arrives in time to help.

Oliver isn't without merit, however. When the plane radios in, the pilot quotes a line from "The Odyssey," expecting a response before they agree to land. Slade is completely stumped, but Oliver remembers it from school and gives them the next line. He's correct. Oliver notes the appropriateness of the tale: "It's about a guy trying to get home."

Then he learns the rest of Slade's plan: to kill Fyers and his men, and set the island on fire. Oliver insists they have to rescue Yao Fei, but Slade tells him he's on his own. If they're not at the airstrip when the plane arrives, he's leaving them both there.

Oliver sneaks his way back into camp and finds Yao Fei alone in one of the tents. The man is stunned to see Oliver and tells his rescuer he shouldn't have come. What Oliver doesn't know is that Fyers has Yao Fei's daughter held hostage. When Fyers appears in the tent, Yao Fei quickly subdues Oliver.

Oliver finds himself in a circle of mercenaries, and this time his former torturer is going to be his executioner. Oliver tries to reason with him, reminding him of who he was when he arrived with Slade, but it only makes the man angrier. Just then, Slade's explosions rock the camp, and everyone is distracted long enough for Oliver to take cover.

As fires rage around them, Slade and the masked Billy fight to the death; Billy ending up with a dagger through his eye. Fyers starts shooting, catching Slade in the arm. Oliver grabs him, and they hurry into the cover of the jungle; when confronted by a mercenary, Oliver uses the techniques Slade taught him to disarm the man. His new friend is impressed that they're not both dead, but they've missed the chance to hijack a ride out.

They make it back to the old crash site, where Oliver digs the bullet out of Slade's arm. Slade tells him that the spoiled rich boy he knew wouldn't have survived longer on the island, but he thinks this new, stronger Oliver might.

Diggle and Felicity are relieved when Oliver finally wakes up. We get a glimpse of his bare back and see that he has the same tattoo that Yao Fei's daughter did. Once Oliver is up and about, the two men ask Felicity to become part of their operation. She's already reworked their computer system, hacked into the police lab, and ordered Arrow's blood sample destroyed. She says she'll help them get Walter back, but after that, she wants to go back to a normal life. Oliver agrees.

Digg and Oliver once again have a fight about Moira; Oliver says that until they know more about this "undertaking," his mother is off-limits. Digg leaves him with the question of whether he thinks his mother is innocent or just doesn't want to face the truth that she isn't.

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