‘Bachelor Pad’ week 4 recap, review: All about the power couples

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It's Week 4 in the "Bachelor Pad" and one thing is for certain: If you're not part of a power couple, you're not in the game. Yes, the power couples are now set as Rachel and Michael, Kalon and Lindzi, and Ed and Jaclyn rule the roost. Chris B. has his own power couple strategy (as in partner up and make promises to more than one girl), but more on that in a moment.

This week's challenge -- the tacky Game Show Mash-up -- pits the contestants against one another in a trivia contest about all things "Bachelor"-related. A gossipy "Who said that" round has Jaclyn and Ed ahead of the pack after answering questions about who's the most fake in the house and who "made whoopee" in the strangest place. This ain't "Jeopardy," kids.

The winners of this messy mash-up get safety roses and one-on-one dates. For some reason Jaclyn decides to take the already-safe Ed out on her date. This should come as no surprise to avid viewers of the "Pad." On last week's episode these two had a giggly hookup under a bed sheet. Let's hope this week Ed keeps the flying pickle jokes to a minimum.

A Side of Showmance

A picnic on an empty field at Dodger Stadium is the setting for the date where a surprisingly sober Ed decides to talk strategy instead of pickle. They brainstorm to decide who Jaclyn should give this week's safety rose to, and Ed convinces her to give it to his buddy Chris Bukowski. Just to make sure she really understands what he wants her to do, he gives her a smooch while they're on the "Kiss Cam." And the fireworks begin -- well, at least literally.

Speaking of Chris, he's orchestrating his own one-on-one dates. Unfortunately, he's doing it with several different women in the house. Jamie, who's completely smitten with him, curls up in his arms and purrs questions like "Were you really into me from the very, very beginning?" Chris complains to the camera that Jamie just "talks and talks and talks" (he has a point), but he has found a way to shut her up. "I feel like the only way to shut her up is to kiss her," he says. Of course, he later reveals, "Kissing Jamie...there's no spark there."

Since Ed forfeited his one-on-one date to go on Jaclyn's one-on-one date, it's the rose-bearing Chris who gets to take a girl of his choosing on an action-packed Hollywood movie date. He passes over Jamie and his supposed partner Blakeley for the saucy Sarah. Although Chris doesn't get to dole out a rose (that's still Ed's job), he does present Sarah with a strawberry on a fork and an unspoken partnership understanding.

"Chris is going to be a really great partner in this game," Sarah says. "He's going to be loyal to me, and we're going to have something great after this." Sure, just ask Blakeley and Jamie.

Thorny Roses

With one rose to dole out, Ed decides to give his flower to Rachel, smartly cementing his partnership with another power couple. Meanwhile Chris is back from his high-energy date turned overnighter. Argh. Jamie is not happy, and Blakeley is seething over his betrayal. It gets worse as Chris later rallies to vote his longtime partner, Blakeley, out. She's too ex-girlfriendy for him, or something like that.

With Chris's partner switcheroo and subsequent gunning to get Blakeley out, last season's winner, Michael Stagliano, starts to complain: "Blakeley and Chris were a huge part of our alliance. Now he's got Sarah as a partner."

Rose ceremony time and after a bevy of backstabbing, nice guy super fan David and the lovelorn Jamie get the boot. Yes, the spurned Blakeley stays, and now Chris will need to watch his back. Just ask the prophetic Stag, who offered these poetic words of wisdom at the close of the show: "Chris has been going around and starting a lot of little fires in girls' pants. And when you play with fire, you get burned."

The next episode of "Bachelor Pad" airs on Monday, 8/20, at 8PM EST on ABC.

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