'Bachelor Pad’ week 6 recap and review: Can you spell philanderer?

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It's week 6 on "Bachelor Pad," and it's time for the contestants to use their brains instead of bikinis and brawn. That's right, this week's challenge is a spelling bee! But the real name of the game is partners, as host Chris Harrison announces, it's time for a permanent pair-up. Meanwhile, it's becoming increasingly clear that the best players in this game are the playas.

Here come the judges

For the spelling bee challenge, the couples must work together to spell the words by alternating letters. The competition's scary judges -- the top three spellers in California -- look straight from Hogwarts. They also have a bell, and they know how to use it.

Amazingly, Chris and Ed are both decent spellers. Of course, when you have words like "titillating" and "philanderer," what do you expect? In the end, Chris and his partner Sarah win the challenge with the word "serendipity." But runner-ups Ed and Jaclyn get a bonus date for coming in second place.

Date Escapes

It's planes, trains, and swimming holes as Chris and Sarah head to Santa Margarita Ranch for a little love in the afternoon. But Chris reveals (to us) that he's still healing from his relationship with "Bachelorette" star Emily Maynard. He gets over it quickly enough, though, as he settles in with Sarah for a roll in the hay in a rugged barn.

Meanwhile, Ed and Jaclyn are channeling something over at the Channel Islands. After their previous drunken hook ups, Ed just wants to be friends -- without benefits. He tells Jac: "I've been pursuing someone back home for a while now." While he says he conveniently broke up with his hometown gal before coming on the show (because, you know, hooking up is part of the "Bachelor Pad" process, and he wanted to come on the show single), he can't help but still have feelings for her. But didn't Sarah (his other "BP" fling) fill Jaclyn in on this? Because Ed just assumed she did.

"That's a doozy," Jaclyn seethes. '"I don't want to look like a moron." Too late, honey!

Communication breakdown

Back at the mansion, a surprise hookup is brewing. Brow-waxer Blakeley -- who muses that if she wins "BP" she can actually afford cable -- is locking lips with nice guy Tony. "I'd love to see you in my daily life," he says, as Blakely bemoans her tons of trust issues.

Speaking of trust, Blakeley can trust that Ed and Jaclyn have her back. When the doomed duo returns from their Channel Island date, they come bearing immunity roses for Blakeley and Tony.

Meanwhile, Rachel -- who has spent this entire episode mourning the demise of "BP" king Michael Stagliano -- is not digging having a partner like Nick who doesn't communicate with her. So she whips out her cell phone and calls Michael up to discuss her voting strategy. What? Since when is this allowed? Oh, that's right, this is "Bachelor Pad" -- there are no rules!

Can you spell LOVE?

In the end, the winners of the evening are Kalon and Lindzi. Not because they got safety roses. They didn't; in fact, they were both sent home.

But on the limo ride outta there, Kalon has an epiphany. "We are the biggest winners in 'Bachelor Pad.' I can't imagine anyone loving someone as much as I do you," he tells his raspy-voiced reject.

Ah, love and an exit limo. What more can you ask?

"Bachelor Pad" airs on Monday night on ABC.

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