‘The Bachelor’ Season 17 premiere: Meet Sean Lowe’s wild and wacky women

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Move over, Prince Charming! "The Bachelor" is back, and this time, hunky Sean Lowe is doing the rose-doling. While the 29-year-old Dallas business entrepreneur -- who was famously rejected by Emily Maynard on last season's "The Bachelorette" -- didn't ride up on a horse on Monday night's "The Bachelor" premiere, his potential soul mates did ride up in fleet of posh limos. Although one witchy woman might as well have rode in on a broom!

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What did this season's succession of limos reveal? A batch of wild and wacky ladies, a cascade of claws, and the usual opening-night diva drama that "Bachelor" fans have come to know and love.

But first, after a seriously shirtless intro (Sean's been working out!), it was time for a reunion with a onetime rival. Emily's other reject -- race car driver Arie Luyendyk Jr. -- stopped by the mansion to give Sean some pointers (just call it Kissing 101). Then it was off to opening night, where Sean calls the shots.

Over-the-top intros

While some of the girls greeted Sean with a mellow hello, others went way over the top. Gimmicks? These ladies had a few.

Take Ashley P. -- one of three Ashleys. (How confusing!) This Ash definitely stood out in the crowd. Her claim to fame is that she's a "50 Shades of Grey" fanatic, and she had the neckwear to prove it. Ashley's opening line to Sean as she pulled a telltale tie from her dress: "Maybe you can teach me how to use this later?" Spoiler alert: It's no surprise she didn't make Sean's final cut, especially after she downed too much alcohol and fell down the steps. (Sean: "I think '50 Shades of Grey' may have become 50 shades of drunk.")

And what's worse than doing a backflip on a first date? Um, how about botching said backflip? Just ask Robyn, who fell on her face mid-flip while trying to impress Sean with her gymnastics skills. At least she made an impression.

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Lesley M. came bearing a football and asked Sean to run a play. But alas, it was just a ploy to check out his buff booty.

And here comes Bridezilla. Lindsay greeted Sean wearing a wedding dress. "Did I miss the memo?" he asked before she planted a kiss on him. "Now that we've made out, what's your name?" Sean asked. Unfortunately, Lindsay nearly blew it later after a few too many cocktails at the reception.

"I wish I were more sober now," the blushing bride said before her one-on-one chat with Sean. We do, too.

Rule bender!

Sean is making his own rules this season, and that means the roses are being handed out at a dizzying pace. In fact, Tierra was barely out of the limo before she got one, and she rubbed the other girls' noses in the fact that she scored a rose after saying just "one sentence" to Sean. Yeah, Sean likes her energy but talk about death stares when she walked inside to meet the other ladies. Meanwhile, future clips show that Tierra may be this season's troublemaker, so watch out!

Speaking of death stares, Kacie B. showed up and the other girls aren't happy. Kacie -- who also competed on last season's "The Bachelor" -- already has an upper hand: She's met Sean in the past, and they've "hung out." (Wonder what that means?) If looks could kill, Kacie wouldn't have made it out of the opening night cocktail party alive. Luckily, Sean saved her with a rose.

With all the girls introduced, they later vied for alone time with Sean before he cut seven of them loose. But since half of them already had roses (Sean was handing them out at the drop of a hat), it was the shortest rose ceremony in "Bachelor" history. It looks like this charmer knows what he wants -- at least when it comes to first impressions!

The "Bachelor" Season 17 airs on Mondays at 8 PM ET on ABC.

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