‘The Bachelor’ Week 4: Sean Lowe's dream date turns into a nightmare

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Good guy Sean Lowe doesn't like to break hearts, but that's his job on "The Bachelor." The hunky Dallas business entrepreneur made short work of his list of ladies this week, when he sent two teary-eyed hopefuls home.

Check out how Sean's dream date turned into a nightmare for one unlucky lady.

First up, Selma's one-on-one date with Sean was going swimmingly, until she had to rock climb at Joshua Tree National Park. Scared silly of heights, she completed the "Survivor"-like task, and then it was sexy time. Or not. Selma's strict upbringing in the Islamic culture means no kissing on camera for her. When Sean told her he was ready for a lip lock, Selma whispered, "I can't kiss you." This could have ended the date on a sour note, but the understanding Sean gave her a rose anyway.

Next up, a roller derby group date got ugly. Sarah, who was born with one arm, was having trouble keeping her balance and didn't think she'd be able to compete in the game. Then, Amanda fell and smacked her jaw, landing herself in the E.R. But it was the tantrum-throwing Tierra who got the rose on this date. And Sean had no sympathy for the gal who took one for the team: Amanda, who planned to use her injury to her advantage ("I'm going to milk the heck out of this. This didn't happen for nothing," she said), was sent packing at this week's rose ceremony.

Next, it was the dreaded "Pretty Woman" date. Any fan of this franchise knows that this type of date usually doesn't end well. For Leslie H., her princess treatment started with a date card and a pair of gorgeous diamond earrings. Next it was a Rodeo Drive shopping spree and a stop at Neil Lane's place, where the famed jeweler graced her neck with a 120-carat diamond necklace.

"Sean definitely is a young, sexy, blond, blue-eyed Richard Gere," Leslie said. "And I am a tan Julia Roberts."

A fairytale date, right? Until it was time to test the couple's chemistry. For Sean there was none. He went with his instincts (or in his case, ab-stincts) and told her wasn't feelin' it. Leslie gave up the necklace and her Prince Charming.

With its incessant lineup of recycled dates (how many rock climbings and building scaling must we see on this show?), the outcomes on "The Bachelor" are getting predictable. When a girl conquers her fear -- a la Selma on the rock climbing date -- she nearly always gets a rose. But give a gal the royal princess treatment -- like Leslie -- and it's almost a guarantee she'll go home, rose-less. The humiliating defrocking of the necklace is always a nice touch, too. Way to turn a dream date into a nightmare.

On the plus side: The show opened with shirtless Sean in his skivvies. You gotta love "The Bachelor"!

"The Bachelor" Season 17 airs on Mondays at 8 PM ET on ABC.

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