‘The Bachelor’ week 7 recap, review: The most sullen cast in ‘Bachelor’ history?

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This week's episode of "The Bachelor" promised to showcase "the biggest meltdown in 'Bachelor' history." True that -- Tierra's mega meltdown was one for the record books -- but the resident drama queen's tearful tantrum was only part of the story on what was one of the most downer episodes in "Bachelor" history. Like, ever.

Where did they find these girls? Happy-go-lucky Sean Lowe is saddled with the most sullen bachelorettes. And just when we think we know the hunky entrepreneur's type, he sends her home. (More on that in a minute.)

Depressing confessions

Tierra's tearful reign finally ended this week, but not before a mega blowout with AshLee, who called her rude and accused her of isolating herself. (Another crime: She never says good morning to the other girls!) The fight culminated with Sean asking Tierra to go home because he could see how emotionally taxing the whole process has been for her. And, oh yeah, because he cares about her so much.

But Queen T's demise wasn't the only teary moment of the episode. It's one week before hometowns, and that means it's confession time for all of the girls.

AshLee dropped the biggest bombshell: She was a teen bride. Her high-school marriage ended by her senior year, but she wanted Sean to know about it.

"It breaks my heart to tell you about that," she sobbed, after recounting how she married at age 17 to get away from her parents. "I'm like crazy about you, and I don't want poor mistakes in my past to affect our future, but that's my skeleton in my closet." (With that weight off of her chest, AshLee later shouted her love for Sean at the top of the top of her lungs. He didn't reciprocate.)

A week after revealing that at age 13, she witnessed a friend get killed by a falling tree, Catherine informed Sean that her father attempted suicide in front of her when she was 14. These days, her dad's in China, and she doesn't see him often. Catherine was shaking like a leaf as she told Sean the story.

Even Desiree -- who has a seemingly happy home life, despite the fact that she once lived in a tent --bawled when talking about her family.

Funny girls finish last

Amid this group of Debbie Downers was Lesley M., the adorable funny lady in the bunch. Earlier in the episode, Sean lamented that his relationship with Lesley wasn't progressing as quickly as he'd hoped. Of course, on their first one-on-one datem they broke the Guinness World Record for the longest on-camera kiss, clocking in with over three minutes of lip action. (Yeesh, how much faster does he want things to move?) But apparently a kiss is just a kiss. To Sean, anyway. Lesley was sent packing, and it wasn't fun.

"Rejection hurts," she said. "Heartbreak hurts. It doesn't feel good. Rejection doesn't feel good."

After this week's rose ceremony, Catherine even cried her eyes out -- and she got a rose! The reason behind her not-so-joyful tears?

"If he doesn't want Lesley, I don't know why I'm here," Catherine sobbed. "She has more in common with him than I do!"

Oh brother, it looks like every rose really does have its thorn!

The next episode of "The Bachelor" Season 17 airs on Monday, 2/18 at 8 PM ET on ABC.

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