'The Bachelorette' Week 2 Recap: Des Gets a Bad Rap

Rapper Soulja Boy Turns Up for This Week's Group Date

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"The Bachelorette" - Episode 902

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"Episode 902" - The next day 14 men join Desiree at a swank Malibu mansion to star in a rap music video appropriately titled "Right Reasons" with superstar rapper Soulja Boy. He carefully selects his rapping protégés to each play the part of an infamous man from past seasons. There's Wes from Jillian Harris' season, Justin and Kasey from Ali's season, and one bachelor even reprises Jason Mesnick's legendary tearful collapse. Desiree gets into the act, rapping about her journey to find the perfect man. However at the after party the competition heats up, with Ben interrupting Mikey's alone time with the Bachelorette, sparking the first confrontation of the season. Meanwhile, Brandon opens up about his tragic broken childhood. Will displaying his deep vulnerability earn him the group date rose or will it be a turn-off? - on "The Bachelorette."

On Monday night's episode of ABC's "The Bachelorette," Desiree Hartsock asked the age-old question (in "Bachelor"-land, anyway): "Who's here for the right reasons?" But instead of grilling her 19 boyfriends on their intentions, Des was really plugging the Soulja Boy song called, well, "Right Reasons."

Yes, this week's group date featured a recording session with the rapper, and the completed project paid homage to "Bachelorette" contestants of seasons past. (A fave: "Rated PG-13," a character who's clearly spoofing Season 6's Justin "Rated R" Rego.) The rapping was bad, but fun times were had.

But if all of that doesn't sound romantic enough for you, there were some real dates, like Des's one-on-one with Brooks and a surprisingly sweet road trip with Bryden.

Date #1: Brooks got the royal treatment when Des picked him up in her baby blue Bentley. They cruised to a bridal shop, got decked out in wedding garb (Brooks channeled his inner leprechaun with an all-green tux), munched on sweets at a cupcake truck, and later hung out on top of the iconic Hollywood sign, where they snuggled on the letter L. (Recycled date alert: The Hollywood sign date was also used back in Ali Fedotowsky's season.) Sparks flew as the couple later dined on a bridge and were serenaded by singer Andy Grammer. Score: One rose

Date #3: Des took the Bentley out for again for a road trip with Bryden, cruising up the California coast and stopping to eat fish tacos and fly a kite amid a bunch of huge rocks. They ended up at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, where he told her about a near-fatal car accident he'd been in (and pulled out the graphic pics to prove it). The evening ended in the hot tub (where else?), where Des invited the shy Bryden to kiss her already. Score: One rose

Who's getting a bad rap already?

As for the cozy rap video date for 14, (Dan, Juan Pablo, Zach K., Ben, Kasey, Will, Brian, Drew, James, Mikey, Zak W., Nick, Michael, and Brandon were all on board for the hilarious event) single-dad Ben stole the spotlight -- again. After nabbing last week's first impression rose (he melted Des's heart by bringing his 4-year-old son along for the limo meet and greet), Ben got this week's group date rose after putting on a cowboy hat and channeling past "Bachelorette" contestant Wes Hayden in the spoof video. Meanwhile, Brandon declared that he's "fallen in like" with Des, Zack W. actually put a shirt on to gift Des a vintage journal, while Michael G.'s medical disclaimer was interrupted by the rose-toting Ben. (Can you smell this season's "villain" yet?)

Rose ceremony time and Des only had enough flowers for 13 of the remaining guys, so it was buh-bye to Nick M., Robert, and Will. Yeah, yeah, we're also asking, "Who?"

Meanwhile -- spoiler alert -- it's time to buckle your seat belts for next week, because it looks like an angry ex-girlfriend shows up to ruin this "Bachelorette" party!

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"The Bachelorette" Season 9 airs on Mondays at 8 PM on ABC.

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