'The Bachelorette' Week 8: The 8 Strangest Moments From the Hometown Dates

Des gets the full family treatment when she visits her top 4 guys' hometowns.

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"The Bachelorette" is in the home stretch -- literally! It's time to visit the final four boys' hometowns, and that means it's also time for all of the family freaks to come of the woodwork! On this week's episode, Desiree Hartsock made pit stops in Dallas; Scottsdale, Arizona; McMinnville, Oregon; and Salt Lake City, where she got a hero's welcome, or something like that.

But it wasn't all love and roses. Check out these strange moments during Des's hometown dates.

Zak describes a freaky dream. Things get off to a really weird start when Des meets up with Zak in Dallas. The drilling fluid engineer proceeds to tell her about a dream he had the night before about the two of them literally melting into the sand on a sweltering beach when suddenly it started snowing and little children came running toward them. Huh? Turns out, Zak's terrifying tale is just a set up to get Des to work in "the family snow cone business." Yes, Zak's pack owns a Kona truck, and he has the penguin suit to prove it! Whew, and we thought he was turning into a quack!

Zak's family channels the Partridge Family. Move over, David Cassidy! Zak is armed with a guitar and some singing family members! After dinner with the fam, Zak and his siblings sing a song for Des; actually, it's a re-do of the tune Zak wrote for her in Atlantic City. While it's a sweet gesture, we can't get past the fact that this is actually a knockoff of a Black Crowes song about a goth girl who's into heroin.

Zak gives Des a ring that wasn't supplied by Neil Lane. Yep, there's more to this guy than snow cone slinging and off-key singing. After all that family fun, Zak uses his alone time with Des to whip out a ring he's been carrying in his pocket for weeks. "I wanted something to symbolize that moment I knew I was falling in love with you. Des, I love you. I do," he tells her. Wait, what? Is this even allowed? Too bad the ring ends up smashed on the streets of L.A. when Zak tosses it out the window during his eventual limo exit. Whoops. Sorry.

Drew's family reunites to meet a girl that they'll probably never see again. Yeah, there's something kind of weird about a broken family reuniting to meet a girl their son has been dating for two weeks. It's even weirder -- for us, anyway -- because Drew has already dished in detail on his family's rocky dynamics. Before bringing Des home to Arizona to meet his dad Malachi, mom Linda, stepdad Bob, sister Melissa, brother Mal, sister-in-law Angela, sister Megan, brother-in-law Kevin, and a couple of nieces and nephews, Drew nervously warns her: "This is the first time my dad will have ever been in my mom's house." But he quickly adds this disclaimer: "You know, they're... they're on good terms." We're not sure we believe that (wouldn't BFFs have been invited to each other's houses before ABC was involved?), but regardless, Drew may be in the dog house when his dad, Malachi, watches the tapes back and discovers that his son told the world about his personal business.

Chris's dad cracks Des's back. Welcome to Oregon. Within minutes of meeting Des, and before he even digests his dinner, Chris's chiropractor dad decides he needs to adjust things. Enter his basement doctor's office, where the good doc proceeds to give our girl a back alignment. "Laying down face first with my butt in the air, with Chris's dad -- who I just met -- massaging my back... it's not weird at all," Des giggles. Oh yes, it is, Des. Oh. Yes. It. Is.

Chris's dad gets nosey. Yeah, there's only one thing weirder than a chiropractor dad taking a crack at "The Bachelorette's" back as soon as he meets her. And that would be that same chiropractor dad giving his own son a nose adjustment with the cameras rolling. We don't know what that is, but it involved balloons and turkey basters and some really hairy camera shots. If you could get through this scene without wincing, you deserve the final rose.

Des tries to force Brooks to fall in love with her. Isn't it enough that three guys have already said the L-word? Not for Des. She wants Brooks to say it, and she's thinking he's just a little confused and holding back from really falling in love because she's "dating other guys." Indeed, Brooksy confirms our suspicions: "I don't really know how I feel about Desiree," he says. While he admits their dates are "amazing," in his down time, he kind of, sort of "forgets a little bit." (Out of sight, out of mind, Brooks? Whatever happened to absence makes the heart grow fonder?) Well, here's Des with a little refresher: While visiting Salt Lake, she presents Brooks with some sketches of their special moments together, you know, just to jog his memory a bit. The cloud in Madeira, the dodge ball date, it's all there to remind Brooks just how awesome they are.

Des's brother sizes up her guys without meeting any of them. This episode marks the return of Nate Hartsock, Des's troublemaking brother who ruined her chances with Sean Lowe on last season's edition of "The Bachelor." Nate reunites with his sis for the first time after that heinous meeting, but this time he isn't quite so critical, telling Des, "I'm happy that you're in charge of this moment, this situation. I don't have any problems or any concerns." Maybe that's because he never lays eyes on any of the guys, because we know he'd have a problem with that noncommittal Brooks! But we do get a few staged stalker shots that feature Nate the Great lurking around the corner in the hotel lobby, watching his sister and mumbling something about her heart getting broken again.

"The Bachelorette" Season 9 airs on Mondays at 8 PM on ABC.

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