‘Basketball Wives’ Fallout! Updates on the Stars of the Troubled Show

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Just when you thought that reality TV can't get any lower, it does. Like many Americans, I was a huge fan and consumer of the "Wives" shows. You know which ones I'm talking about; the shows with "wives" somewhere in the title, but only about 25 percent of the cast is currently married.

Bravo's "Real Housewives" were my gateway drug. There are so many cities and hot messes to choose from. Fans can watch table flipping and bankruptcy in New Jersey, "Tardy for the Party" wig pulling in Atlanta, Scary Island meltdowns and Pinot madness in New York City, empty love tanks and deadbeat dads in Orange County, and life-changing tragedy in Beverly Hills. The spicy women of Miami and the smart women of D.C. just weren't messy enough for their "Real Housewives" series to make it past one season.

Then, VH1 brought its own wives to the TV party. The "Mob Wives" made the physical altercations on "The Jersey Shore" look like child's play. "Love and Hip Hop" brought us rappers and baby mamas. However, the women of "Basketball Wives" have been the biggest, well, disgrace.

Watching adult women (who are not named Laila Ali) fight each other is sad, not fun. When we were children, we might have thought that the only way to deal with dissention was to hit someone, but as adults (hopefully) you have better coping skills. The past season of "Basketball Wives" featured a bullying scene that caused stars like Star Jones and Nicki Minaj to call for a boycott of this disgusting mess.

The show only recently wrapped, but it seems that there's a bit of fallout from the season, which included tossing liquor bottles (who does that?) and a cringeworthy bullying scene where one cast member held another cast member's purse hostage. VH1 has announced that the three least dramatic (read most boring) cast members have been fired from the show. Jennifer Williams, who was hit by another "wife," Kesha Nichols, who was bullied, and Royce Reed have been let go.

So what else is new with these women? Shaunie O'Neal, ex wife of Shaquille O'Neal and the show's creator, wants to make it clear that she didn't fire anyone. The show's bully Tami Roman suffered a mild heart attack and may be making a successful move to scripted television. Evelyn Lozada seems to have also quit the show.

Maybe it's time to scrap the whole thing once and for all. Trying to clean up "Basketball Wives" at this point seems like switching deck chairs on The Titanic.

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