Beckett's Investigation of Her Mother's Murder on 'Castle'

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Det. Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) has made it pretty clear to those close to her that she became a police detective to help solve her mother's murder on the ABC drama "Castle." Her mother was murdered many years ago, and the case has long been judged a cold case. Yet Beckett has continued investigating the case on her own. Those close to her, including recently murdered Captain Roy Montgomery (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) likely failed to realize just how emotionally vested she was in this case. Even Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) was shocked to stumble across a collection of evidence Beckett had accumulated on the case.

Recently, however, this cold case got a little warmer. In the season finale of "Castle" it was revealed that Captain Montgomery had some knowledge of the case that he hadn't provided to Beckett. It turned out that Montgomery had a sketchy past, and he had some personal involvement in the case. The bad guys that Montgomery himself worked with so many years ago came back from the past and threatened to kill Montgomery's family if he didn't handle Beckett. She seemed to be getting a bit too close to solving the crime.

Montgomery may have been a bad guy all those years ago, but he turned into a clean cop over the years. He ended up taking a bullet himself rather than putting Beckett in harm's way. Unfortunately, at his funeral, the bad guys took a shot at Beckett anyway, and she hit the ground bleeding as the season finale closed.

Now that the department has some new information on the case, not to mention the need to now investigate the murder of Captain Roy Montgomery, the case is sure to come back into the spotlight. However, there are a lot of detectives working at the NYPD, and Beckett may just be too close to both of these cases to be assigned to them. The new captain replacing Montgomery is rumored to be a by-the-book sort of captain, so she likely isn't going to cut Beckett any slack.

When the new season picks up, will she be allowed to work on them personally? If she's kicked off of her mother's case, will she work behind the NYPD's back to investigate the case on her own? The new season holds a lot of possibility for change and drama surrounding this important part of the show's on-going plot.

You can catch episodes of "Castle" on CBS Mondays at 10 p.m. E.T.

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