'Ben and Kate': Pushing away those who are closest

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In the Season 1 episode of "Ben and Kate" titled "Guitar Face," Kate confronts her tendency to push boyfriends away, while brother Ben accidentally pushes away his best friend.

The perpetually unemployed Ben (Nat Fallon) is excited because best friend Tommy (Echo Kellum) got Ben a job at the golf club. This, Ben believes, will help him to make business connections for his many get-rich-quick schemes. Although disappointed to learn he's a snack cart driver, a job normally reserved for woman, Ben dons the pink visor and fanny pack, and gets to work.

Meanwhile, Kate gushes over her boyfriend, Will, to her best friend, BJ (Lucy Punch), who admits that Kate's new relationship makes her feel ignored. Will plays in a ZZ Top cover band, ZZ Scott (after one of the members). Kate agrees to attend their gig but fears she won't like it. Like Jerry on "Seinfeld," Kate tends to break up with people for minor reasons, illustrated via a funny montage.

BJ decides to go to the support group attended by Will's ex-wife, to warn her that he's taking his new girlfriend to his show. This, she hopes, will sow disorder.

In between selling snacks, Ben talks to golf-course regulars about his idea for a railway traveling store, like Sky Mall. One golfer mentions that so-called poachers collect balls from the water hazards and resell them. This sounds like a great idea to Ben.

At his band's gig, Kate actually likes Will's band. He's good at playing guitar, too, but he makes what Kate insists is a sex face while playing a solo. This, she thinks, may be the one little thing that will drive her crazy.

The next day, she tells the rest of the group, and Will walks in just as Ben is imitating him playing guitar. Will abruptly leaves.

At the golf course that night, Ben is wearing scuba gear and fishing for balls when Tommy tries to make him stop. Discovered on the course, they're both fired. Tommy tells Ben he's putting him in "the penalty box," which means he's not talking to him.

BJ's plans to cause trouble for Kate and Will came to naught when the support group invites her in. Under an assumed name, she talks about her jealousy regarding Kate, and the group is sympathetic and helpful.

Ben attempts to patch things up with Tommy by telling him to hit a bucket of golf balls at him. After the first one connects, he doubles over in pain, saying, "Why did you do that to me?"

The golf course manager is about to throw them off the practice range when he realizes that Ben is the one who's been sending gifts to his house, including some frogs his daughter loved.

BJ, parroting things she learned in the support group, suggests to Kate that she overreacts to the smallest flaws and chases away good guys to protect herself from being hurt.

This spurs Kate to talk to Will, and she tells him about BJ's idea, adding that she's freaked out by how perfect he is. He understands and forgives her, but he's developed cold feet about playing, fearing people will make fun of his faces, so she goes onstage with him.

In the audience are Tommy, who got his job back, and Ben, who's talked the golf course manager into investing in his rail store idea.

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