'Ben and Kate' recap: Kate scores a victory over childhood memories

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In what's becoming a trend on "Ben and Kate," the brother-sister duo addressed a long-standing issue. In Season 1, Episode 3, "The Fox Hunt," they tackle unresolved feelings of jealousy and competition.

The show begins with Ben (Nat Faxon) taking a call from a business school, which he assumes is a cold call but turns out to be a response to an inquiry by Kate (Dakota Johnson). She doesn't want to be a bar manager for the rest of her life and is interested in continuing her education. Ben says she doesn't need to worry, because he and Tommy are working on a business idea. Based on his track record, she's skeptical. When she accuses him of thinking he's smarter than her, he tacitly agrees: "It's not your strong suit to think creatively."

He reminded her of the scavenger hunts their dad used to run, which he called fox hunts, that Ben always won. Their dad stopped running the fox hunts when he moved out, leaving their mother for the first in a series of other women.

The last hunt was canceled unexpectedly when their dad left, but Kate, a self-professed packrat, kept the folder with their father's instructions. She challenges Ben to one last fox hunt,.

Both recruit their friends for hunt partners: She taps co-worker B.J. (Lucy Punch), and he nabs best friend Tommy (Echo Kellum). B.J. goes along reluctantly.

While Kate and B.J. take off running, Ben intends to let her win. Instead, he and Tommy work on their prototype for a water recliner. However, when Tommy reads the instructions and notices the loser has to do the other's housework for a month, Ben struggles to catch up.

Playing dirty, Ben tricks Kate into picking up her daughter, Maddie, from school -- normally his task. She doesn't let this hindrance stop her and rushes to the finish line with Maddie in one arm and an armful of stuff in the other. She edges him out: 200 points to 190, making it the first time she's ever beat him.

In the coda, Kate reveals that she wants to open her own bar with gluten-free beers and spirulina drinks. Ben says that's a terrible idea, and that she should take the classes instead. As a consolation prize for losing the hunt, she gives him his old spelling medal, which she'd rescued from the trash years ago. Ben starts to cry but denies it, and runs into the bathroom. The show ends with a hilarious sequence of him trying to stop weeping like a baby.

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