Best of Alan and Kandi on 'Two And a Half Men'

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While "Two and a Half Men" is centered around Charlie Harper, his brother Alan (played by Jon Cryer) has had his fair share of funny moments! When we first met Alan, he was just kicked out of his house by his wife Judith (played by Marin Hinkle) and ended up on Charlie's doorstep. In season 3 of the series, Alan is introduced to Kandi (played by April Bowlby). Kandi was semi dating Charlie while he was with Mia and when she ends up at the house looking for him, her and Alan connect. The episodes of "Two and a half Men" featuring Alan and Kandi's relationship are some of the best in the entire series. These episodes are the best of the best from Alan and Kandi.

"Ergo, The Booty Call" Season 3, Episode 16

This is one of the funniest episodes of "Two and a Half Men" ever. Alan has just begun seeing Kandi who is much younger than he is. Jake's (played by Angus T. Jones) birthday party is coming up and Alan is nervous about bringing Kandi. When Kandi pops over for a "booty call" and Jake overhears her say this, he asks what a "booty call" is. In an effort to explain to Jake, Alan goes off on a tangent and makes up a ridiculous excuse for the term. It is quite hilarious to see him get so tongue tied.

"The Pistol Packin' Hermaphrodite" Season 3, Episode 24

In this episode, Alan and Kandi get married in Vegas! After Charlie and Mia have some bumps in their relationship about marriage, they decide to head to Vegas and get married. Alan and Kandi come along as witnesses. Charlie ends up getting cold feet and is not able to go through with the wedding. Alan and Kandi end up eloping instead. When they are out playing in the casino, Alan wins a large sum of money. Now that he is married, he has to share with Kandi. Alan has some crazy luck/misfortune.

"Kissing Abraham Lincoln" Season 4, Episode 10

In this episode, Alan goes to speak with Kandi about the condo they bought together after getting married and winning the money. She is still living there and Alan is back at Charlie's house. When Alan gets there, Kandi does everything she can to get Alan to forget about selling the place. She crawls around on the floor while Alan is speaking and distracts him. She agrees to let him still have sex with her as long as he keeps the place. Alan completely falls for her antics and agrees to not sell the condo so they can continue having sex.

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