Best Costumes on Season 2 of 'Glee' so Far

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Gwyneth Paltrow: From "Love to Hate" to Love

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Gwyneth Paltrow: From "Love to Hate" to Love

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"Glee" features a lot of great musical numbers which also means a lot of really great costume changes and sets. Many times the costumes in particular help further the effect of the cover tune or allow for the character to seemingly fully indulge in their fantasy musical numbers. Here are the best costumes of Season 2 of "Glee" so far:

Brittany's "I'm a Slave for You" Costumes

"Britney/Brittany" featured Brittany S. Pierce doing two Britney Spears numbers. The first was a cover of Britney's "I'm a Slave for You." During this cover Brittany wore a compilation of Britney Spears hottest outfits from the past decade. She sported Britney's infamous bikini from the VMAs when she danced with a yellow Burmese python. She wore Britney's skin-tight red plastic catsuit from the "Oops...I Did It Again" video and Britney's famed sparkle pasty, sheer jumpsuit number from "Toxic."

This compilation of costumes featured in one song was a killer way to honor Ms. Spears as well as show off the character of Brittany to a large extent. As spot-on as these costumes were, Brittany wore them well and executed her song and dance numbers as well as Britney Spears, if not better.

Santana's "Me Against the Music" Costume

"Britney/Brittany" also featured Santana and Brittany doing a duet on "Me Against the Music," which Britney Spears recorded with Madonna. In their remake of the song, Santana wore the same basic ensemble Madonna did: a white three-piece suit and a baton. The creamy white suit may have been worn by the "queen of pop" but it was absolutely made for Santana. As she performed her portions of "Me Against the Music" her skin literally glowed against the creamy color.

Rachel and Finn's "Born Again" Costumes

In "Duets," Rachel and Finn performed a couple of different numbers together as they tried to settle on the perfect song to sing so that they won't win the duets challenge in glee club. They wanted Sam to win to reinforce his position among the club, so that they will have the best chance of winning regionals. During the "Born Again" number, Rachel dressed in a short skirt and a Peter Pan collared shirt with a hair ribbon while Finn is dressed in clergy cloth. The effect of the costume choice with the song was successful as the glee club was almost entirely revolted by their performance.

The Girls' "Start Me Up/Livin' On a Prayer" Costumes

In the "Never Been Kissed" episode, the girls of "Glee" had to perform a song traditionally considered to be a man's song. They landed on the anthem "Start Me Up." The amazing part of the performance was their skintight leather costumes, skull caps, and stick straight hair flying in the wind that always seemed to be blowing in the music videos of the '80s. Not only was this a great costume choice, but a great execution of the choice within the performance number.

All four of these costume choices have really accentuated the vocal performances of the talented cast of "Glee," and, in many instances, paid homage to the various people who recorded the songs in the past.




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