The Best Designs on Season 2 of 'Face Off'

Ian's model from the Alien Interpreters on 'Face Off'

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Ian's model from the Alien Interpreters on 'Face Off'

The "Face Off" Season 2 finale airs Wednesday, March 14, and the competition is down to three talented make-up artists vying for the top spot and the $100,000 cash prize. It is not much of a shock to those watching that Rayce Bird, Ian Cromer, and RJ Haddy remain after 11 other competitors were sent home. When taking a look back at the best make-up creations of the entire season, those three artists always rise to the top. Here are our choices for the five best designs of Season 2 with a little input from Season 1 winner Conor McCullagh.

1. Cromer's Monster from the Alien Interpreters Challenge

The pig faced, sunken eyed alien make-up designed by Cromer emerged from a happy accident in the studio. When one of the swine-like ears did not come out of the mold properly, the artist thought he was going home. But it was his mastery at making this look like a purposeful deformity that caused the judges to give him the win that week.

In a recent conference call interview, McCullagh chose Cromer's design as his favorite of the season. He stated, "I like Rayce's alien character. It was very almost super garish looking, and really clean and beautiful."

2. Bird's Cellist and Haddy's Bellhop from the Burtonesque Challenge (TIE)

In week eight, artists were charged with the difficult task of making a design that could live in the word of a Tim Burton movie. Most of the competitors missed the mark completely. But both Bird and Haddy perfectly captured the Burtonesque style. While Bird won for his beautifully airbrushed cellist, Haddy's whimsical, almost maniacal bellhop was a close second.

McCullagh also chose these designs as his runner-ups for best make-up creations of the season. He said, "In the Tim Burtonesque creations, I really liked what Haddy came up with. What he created with that bellhop was really a stroke of genius." He continued, "I like Rayce's design, too, and what he did with the cello with melding the face into it."

3. Cromer and Haddy's Ladyslipper Monster from the Dangerous Beauty Challenge

Cromer and Haddy teamed up for the challenge in which players needed to pair a plant and an animal to make one creature that was both beautiful and deadly. The artists chose a lady slipper orchid and a chameleon and produced an intriguing combo of beauty and the beast.

4. Bird's Dinosaur from the Dinoplasty Challenge

In week nine the contestants visited the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles for the inspiration behind a dinosaur/human hybrid. Bird came out victorious with a design that featured perfectly executed eyes and a flawless face sculpt.

5. Matt Valentine and Brea Joseph's Basketball Player in the Rock Your Body Challenge

Many viewers were shocked that Valentine did not make the final three. He was eliminated just one episode before the finals. The design he should be most remembered for was during week three in the Rock Your Body challenge. The task was to apply full body make-up so the model blended into the background. While some players had clouds and trees to work with, Matt was given a solid wall of sneakers. In the end, it was nearly impossible to find the model in the image.

Watch the "Face Off" finale on Wednesday, March 14 at 10 p.m. EST/9 p.m. Central on Syfy.

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