The Best Duets on 'Glee'

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Even with all the high-school angst and drama, "Glee" is still all about the music. Sensational solo numbers and group anthems fill most of the playlist, with a few duets thrown in from time to time. Five "Glee" duets stand out as the best of all the pairings to date.

"A House is Not a Home"/"One Less Bell to Answer"

In the first season's "Home" episode, Will reconnected with his old flame, April Rhodes. She's interested in subleasing his apartment and comes over to look at it, dressed for a sleepover. Will makes a bed for her on the couch, but both are suffering from heartache and loneliness.

Matthew Morrison's voice blends seamlessly with that of Kristen Chenoweth, and the harmonies of these two Burt Bacharach classics work perfectly together.

"Get Happy"/"Happy Days are Here Again"

The first entry from the "Duets" episode almost seemed a throw-in at the end of the show. Kurt had performed his duet by himself and Rachel - along with Finn - had intentionally thrown their duet performance.

This mashup of two classics from Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand was given a surprising bluesy remix. Lea Michele and Chris Colfer blended seamlessly with harmonies in a rendition that perfectly suits both of their singing styles.

"Take Me or Leave Me"

Rachel and Mercedes are divas of the highest order. After Sue works behind the scenes in "The Comeback" trying to poison the two of them against each other, they schedule a diva-off. Which diva will win?

This is the first true duet from Lea Michele and Amber Riley, and it was long overdue. Lea's Broadway vocals were perfectly blended and complemented by Amber's powerful voice in this "Rent" showcase piece.

"Dream On"

There's a new school board member in town and Bryan Ryan is Will's old rival from high school. Ryan intends to cut the glee club budget, but Will convinces him to give music another chance and audition for a local production of "Les Miserables."

Neil Patrick Harris and Matthew Morrison knocked "Dream On" out of the ballpark. The one-upmanship combined with perfect vocals - and a nailed Steven Tyler-esque scream at the end - made this song one of the best duets on "Glee."

"River Deep, Mountain High"

In "Duets" in season two, Mercedes and Santana team up to try to win the duets competition and a gift certificate to Breadsticks. In the first season, the two did a strong rendition of "The Boy is Mine," fighting over Puck with the song originally recorded by Brandy & Monica.

Amber Riley and Naya Rivera have voices that work well together. Both powerful singers, either could carry "River Deep, Mountain High" alone. Together, it became a perfect power anthem with balanced give and take.

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