Best 'Law And Order: SVU' Episodes Featuring Detective Olivia Benson

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Detective Olivia Benson was brought to life on "Law and Order:SVU" by Mariska Hargitay in 1999. Since the show debuted, she has won numerous awards for her role as Detective Benson. Fans of the show love the Benson/Stabler pairing but also love the episodes that focus on Benson alone. Some of the most breathtaking episodes have been because of Hargitay's acting. Here are some of the best "Law and Order: SVU" episodes featuring Detective Olivia Benson.

"Rescue" Season 12, Episode 10

During this episode, the attachment Benson had to Calvin becomes painfully apparent. During a murder investigation, fingerprints found at the scene are a match to Calvin's mother, Vivian. Benson has been growing frustrated with the continuous fights at school with Calvin and has to leave work twice during the episode to attend to him. When she learns that Vivian is involved in the investigation, she sets out to find her. When she finds her, Vivian pleads with her to let her go and offers to let her "keep" Calvin. After Vivian is brought to the police station and let go, her girlfriend is shot in the parking garage next to the courthouse. It turns out that Calvin's biological father shot her because she got Vivian hooked on drugs again. In order to spite Benson, Vivian has her ex sign papers giving Calvin's grandparents custody of him. Calvin is ripped from Benson at the police station where he is carried out kicking and screaming. You could see the pain on her face as she watched him leave.

"Undercover" Season 9, Episode 15

In this episode, Benson goes undercover in prison as a drug addict. She agrees to this after a young girl is found raped and battered in a garden and the investigation turns to a prison guard. Benson takes Fin (played by Ice-T) with her and he impersonates a prison guard to keep her safe. As she gets in deeper, she is close to exposing the truth when the guard takes her to the "hall". The "hall" is actually the basement and has a room with a bed where the rapes and assaults occur. Fin notices Benson is gone and goes to find her. While in the "hall" Benson is trying hard to avoid being raped by escaping, but there aren't many places to hide. The guard finds her and seconds before she is raped, Fin rescues her. This was the closest she has ever come to being raped.

"PTSD" Season 10, Episode 9

This is another great episode that shows the depth Hargitay puts into the character of Benson. In this episode Benson looses it on a suspect. She is pushed against a wall during an argument with a Marine and the suspect. She breaks up the fight and holds her gun to the back of the suspect's head. Benson has been attending counseling since the incident of her almost rape occurred and has only told Fin about it. When Fin is approached by the Marine, he tells him that Benson has PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). After the suspect turns out not to be the guilty one, Benson apologizes to him and admits to being a victim of sexual assault.

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