The Best Reasons to Check Out "Modern Family"

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"Modern Family" airs on ABC on Wednesdays at 9 ET. Currently in its second season, "Modern Family" has emerged as one of the best sitcoms on television. It delivers every episode with sharp and original content that makes you laugh out loud on a constant basis. If you haven't seen it, give it a chance. In all likelihood you will find yourself watching every week. Here are five reasons you should be watching this great show.

1. Al Bundy gets his due

Ed O'Neill is most famous for his role as the enormous loser of a husband and father on the Fox sitcom "Married... With Children." While a great show in its heyday, "Married ...With Children" was on for too many seasons. Al Bundy never got a win and remained poor no matter how hard he tried to earn money. The role left O'Neill typecast and he was largely invisible for years. This time, he returns as Jay, the patriarch of the family. Jay is very wealthy and married to a trophy wife from Columbia. Essentially, Jay is living Al Bundy's dream. O'Neill looks fresh and is giving performances that remind us of the early years of Al Bundy. It's refreshing to see O'Neill in such a different role and knocking it out of the park.

2. The cast is stellar

This show boasts some of the best actors around. There isn't a weak link on the entire show. Even the children come off looking like strong additions to the cast rather than just supporting players. As good as everyone is, two stars steal the show. Ty Burrell plays Phil, the son-in-law of Jay. The long time character actor shines as a dad doing his pest to remain popular among his children. He portrays Phil as very goofy without looking lame. The other bright star is Eric Stonestreet. He plays Cameron, the heavyset life partner of Jay's son Mitchell. Virtually every scene with Cameron is hilarious. Stonestreet plays the chubby gay character without ever seeming stereotypical.

3. The show isn't preachy

"Modern Family" has several opportunities to try and send messages to viewers. Two of the main characters are gay, and Jay is married to a foreign wife. However, the show never gets political. Cameron and Mitchell are shown like any other couple. While many shows with homosexual characters use those characters in an angle that shows ignorance of others or the adversity they face, "Modern Family" keeps it light. In fact, the show played on this when they had Cameron and Mitchell trying to get their adopted daughter in to a daycare center. They were hoping their homosexuality and the ethnicity of their daughter would get them in, but they were outdone by a lesbian couple in which one partner was handicapped. Meanwhile, while some episodes deal with Jay being insensitive to his wife's culture, the show always portrays in a comical way without losing the sincerity.

4. The various families can operate on their own

There basically three families on the show. There is Jay and his new wife and her son. There is Jay's daughter who is married to Phil and has three kids. Lastly, there is Jay's son Mitchell who is with Cameron. While the families often join up on the show, they are fully capable of giving us great storylines on their own. Most sitcoms offer a main story angle along with a secondary angle. With "Modern Family" we get three angles that stand on their own.

5. The writing is excellent

Sitcoms have long tried to give us in which we can relate. "Modern Family" is no exception. However, "Modern Family" doesn't deal with obvious issues the way sitcoms did in the past. This show takes us to those really embarrassing moments that we don't share with other people and makes us feel okay about it. Stories such as manipulating our spouses in to doing what we want or where we find ourselves without clothes in a public place. Sure these things don't happen to everyone, but they make us feel like the worst thing we've ever done isn't so bad. Of course, there is more to writing than just stories. This show gives all of the characters a voice. It delivers jokes in a smart way that mocks stereotypes as well as common family issues. In short, the show feels like you are a watching an episode of your own life.

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