Bethenny Frankel’s Fun Talk Show Premieres! Recap

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It's officially the age of Bethenny Frankel!

Anyone who doubts that didn't get to watch her eponymous talk show premiere this morning on FOX. The show was fun, zany, and a touch offbeat. It was, well, "Bethenny." Of course, there were a few kinks and missteps, but it was the very first talk show from a woman who hasn't been a TV host before. We love it!

The chat show was clearly sprinkled with the personalities of both Frankel and her mentor Ellen DeGeneres. When Bethenny welcomed the crowd with a rousing dance, it was pure "Ellen." The first episode kicked off with an awkward man panel that included comics D.L. Hughley, Kevin Nealon, and Mike Catherwood of "Loveline." They discussed attachment parent breastfeeding and, of course, with D.L. present, they had to go into tired old jokes about black men and penis size.

Vanessa Williams was a great choice for Bethenny's first interview guest. Ms. Williams was bright, positive, and beautiful enough to put Bethenny at ease. The new host seemed to relax into easy conversation with Vanessa and lose some of the frenetic energy that dotted the top of the show. The segment revolved around Vanessa's new book, "You Have No Idea," which was co-authored by her mother. Bethenny shared tidbits from her saga with her own allegedly neglectful mom that "Bethenny Ever After" fans are all too familiar with.

The wacky beauty segment included an audience member who spends thousands of dollars a year on beauty products. Bethenny, a natural foods chef by trade, shared her supermarket beauty secrets as a cost-friendly alternative. By the end of the segment the unsuspecting guest had avocado in her hair, beer on her feet, and a smile on her face.

Bethenny's hunky hubbie Jason Hoppy was in the audience, looking handsome as usual. Bethenny cleared up divorce rumors by stating emphatically that the two are still happily married. Jason even asked an advice question of sexpert guest Dr. Roshini Raj, author of "What the Yuck?" Jason's TMI question: Why does sex knock him out while energizing his wife? Women in the audience also asked questions about masturbating too much, the possibilities of breaking a penis, and the effects of a laptop on male fertility. Baby girl Bryn was in the audience for the early preview pilot but not today.

All in all, a fun time from our imaginary BFF. We look forward to more "Bethenny." Are you watching?

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