Beyond beer: The ‘Game of Thrones’ merch fans really want

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HBO made legions of "Game of Thrones" happy earlier this month when they announced plans to release a series of four beers inspired by the hit fantasy series. A product of New York-based Brewery Ommegang, the beers will be released one at a time over the coming months. The first beer, Iron Throne Blonde Ale, will hit stores just in time for fans to drink it during the Season 3 premiere. Each beer will come in a 750 ml bottle and cost around $9.

While many fans are excited about the prospect of TV-inspired beers, other fans want a different type of "Thrones" tie-in merch. A blog on posited a list of cool, unexpected tie-in ideas. Some are obviously a bit tongue-in-cheek, such as "Game of Thrones" branded coffins or polygraph tests. However, some of the other suggestions are pretty cool, such as a "Thrones"-inspired update of the classic Niccoli Machiavelli book "The Prince."

But there are even more tie-ins that "Game of Thrones" fans want to see. Here are some ideas for really cool "Thrones" merch that fans want HBO and George R. R. Martin to start working on ASAP.

iPhone apps

There are already tons of iPhone apps out there related to "Game of Thrones." But HBO needs to start thinking beyond just reference apps. A fitness app, styled after the immersive running game "Zombies, Run!" would be the perfect way to expand the "Thrones" universe. How cool would it be to have an app that shows your total distance walked, as measured in miles walked across the Seven Kingdoms? Or a running app that would have you trying to escape from a horde of White Walkers?

Or how about an astronomy app? True, it doesn't seem like the most logical fit, until you read this great article on the scientific and astronomical reasons that Westeros might be subject to such intense winters. The books are filled with great astrological myths, and the ability to look at the night sky with your iPhone camera and see constellations made up by George R. R. Martin would be really cool.

Custom dogs

Forget designer dogs such as the Labradoodle, Puggle, or Chorkie. The designer dog that "Game of Thrones" fans really want is a Direwolf! Who wouldn't want to have their own Shaggydog, Lady, or Ghost? Crossbreed a Malamute with a Great Dane, and you might just get the designer dog that will be on the wishlist of every "Thrones" fan (and live up to the breed's legendary size).


Considering how much nudity and sex is featured on "Game of Thrones," it's amazing that HBO hasn't partnered with a lingerie company such as Victoria's Secret or La Perla to create a line of luxurious underthings inspired by the women on the show. Dany might inspire a bra and panty set embroidered with dragons, while Melisandre clearly needs a look that screams "the night is dark and full of terrors."

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