'The Big Bang Theory' Actors Get Emmy Nominations, But Can They Win?

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Fans of the CBS sitcom "The Big Bang Theory" are over the moon about the show receiving five Emmy nominations this year. A big coup is their first nomination for Outstanding Comedy Series. And two of the show's lead actors also got Emmy nods. Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki will be going up against each other in the category of Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. It is wonderful that they are both nominated, but will either win?

Even though he is immensely talented on "The Big Bang Theory," many were shocked by the nomination for Galecki. Co-star Jim Parsons, who plays the socially challenged genius Sheldon Cooper, was more expected. Jim was nominated and won the Emmy last year in the same category. As much love as viewers have for the show, and both actors, they are up against some tough competition: Matt Leblanc, Steve Carell, Louis C.K. and Alec Baldwin.

Some fans think that having them both nominated is a bad thing, that votes will be divided between them and then neither one will win. Myself, I am happy that not only Jim Parsons is nominated again, but finally Johnny Galecki is being recognized. His character, Leonard, may not get all the funny lines, but he plays Leonard brilliantly. He does not over act or go over the top, but he is still hilarious.

Bets are already being taken on who will edge out the win in this popular category. Most believe that after losing five times in a row, this will finally be Steve Carell's year to win. Many feel he will definitely receive many of the sentimental votes now that he is no longer on "The Office." It would be a wonderful way for his time on the series to be remembered. He is starting to look like the Susan Lucci of comedy series nominations.

After already winning three Emmys for "30 Rock," viewers think that Alec Baldwin will not get another win. Matt Leblanc is funny in the series "Episodes," but his audience is smaller since the show airs on Showtime. Actor Louis C.K., nominated for the dark and edgy comedy "Louie" on FX, was even surprised by his nomination. He is more well-known for his writing credits and stand-up comedy. Audiences do not put Louis C.K.'s odds of winning very high. "The Big Bang Theory" fans would love to see either Parsons or Galecki take home the award. Since awards shows are unpredictable, anything is possible, so I suggest everyone tune in and watch the Emmy awards in September. You never know who will walk away a winner.

"The Big Bang Theory" airs Thursdays on CBS at 8 p.m. E.T.

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