'The Big Bang Theory': The Best Guest Stars Ever

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No other show has brought more excitement about science to prime time television like "The Big Bang Theory." The geeky show has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a simple sitcom about socially awkward scientists pining over their hot roommate. Over the seasons, audiences have seen the characters of Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstader grow and learn, and the book-smart group of physicists has welcomed more women into the group. Part of the growth of the show has been the inclusion of some awesome guest stars. Here are the most amazing ones yet:

Wil Wheaton: Not being a "Star Trek" fan, I didn't know who Wil Wheaton was at first. It was clear though that the character was not a nice guy at all. More research revealed that Wheaton once starred as the unlikeable Wesley Crusher in "Star Trek: The Next Generation." In "The Big Bang Theory, " the character of Wheaton constantly finagles his way into Sheldon Cooper's life and manages to foil his plans.

Leonard Nimoy: This is probably the greatest guest star appearance yet. Since Nimoy has quit doing onscreen acting, the writers came up with the hilarious device of having Nimoy give a voice to a Spock action figure. In a recent episode Sheldon and Leonard both receive mint, never-been-opened Spock action figures. In a dream, the action figure appears to Sheldon and convinces him to open the pristine box and play with the toy. Unfortunately, in Sheldon's zeal, he breaks the nifty transporter accessory.

Stephen Hawking: Perhaps no other guest star garnered so much buzz as the most recent appearance by Stephen Hawking. Hawking appeared in the last few minutes of the episode "The Hawking Excitation," but the lead up to it was brilliant. Sheldon Cooper is put through his paces to get an opportunity to finally meet his idol and (according to Cooper) his intellectual equal. It ends with Hawking pointing out that Sheldon made a mathematical error on his paper and put him in his place.

With so many amazing guest stars, it leaves audiences wondering how the smart sitcom will top itself next. It is also incredibly refreshing to have excitement over guest stars who are known for their contribution to society rather than superficial fame.

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