'The Big Bang Theory': The Big Girl Theory?

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The women on "The Big Bang Theory" are really shaking things up so far this season. Penny wasn't doing so bad herself and Bernadette is really holding her own, but story lines with Priya and Amy are the real tales to watch at the moment.

From events transpiring during "The Infestation Hypothesis," it would seem that we have not yet seen the last of Priya, Leonard's love interest. It may have seemed in the season premiere that when Raj's sister moved back to India it had terminated that relationship, but clearly that is not the case. It might be safe to say that the now online-only coupling is bound to fail sooner rather than later, unless there are quite a few plane rides across the ocean in the future, or one of them plans to move to another country.

It has been teased before, but it really seems as though Sheldon may be headed toward some sort of romantic coupling. No doubt any such union will be well within the confines of his special brand of obsessive compulsive oddness, but it is unlikely that the kiss he shared last season with a drunken Amy Farrah Fowler will be the last one he experiences, if the things she has said to him recently are any indication. It has now been established that she is not as asocial as Sheldon, and that she has a need for social interactions of various kinds.

At the same time that Priya's role is shrinking, Amy's role appears to be expanding tremendously, from an occasional bit part to almost a full fledged member of the group. This is adding wonderful dimensions to the show, as she is not the clone of Sheldon she was at first. Clearly she learned to hide herself under a cloak that makes her seem much like Sheldon, but she understands humor in a way he does not, and also comprehends people in a way he obviously can't. How her ever growing socialization will alter their relationship remains to be seen, but both their lips will probably be involved.

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