'The Big Bang Theory' episode 6.10 recap: Sheldon becomes an unwilling nurse

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The latest episode of "The Big Bang Theory," "The Fish Guts Displacement," finally involved some physical love between Sheldon and Amy. No, Sheldon didn't suddenly grow another emotion. Instead, Amy uses an illness to trick him into a little contact. Meanwhile, the guys enlist Penny's help in order to teach them the manly art of fishing.

Sheldon the caretaker

Amy falls ill, and that means that Sheldon has to take care of her. According to their relationship agreement, he's obligated to do so even though he's not thrilled about it. He tries to make her feel better, but for the most part, he's just trying being annoying. However, Amy is suddenly interested in Sheldon when he says that he has to put vapor rub on her chest. It turns out that being sick might be her ticket to a physical relationship.

Later, Bernadette arrives to give Amy some medicine. While Sheldon draws her a bath, Amy tells Bernadette that she got better two days ago. However, she loves having Sheldon take care of her. She is about to tell him the truth but stops when he offers to give her a bath. Sheldon eventually figures out that Amy was lying about being sick, and she feels really bad. Sheldon thinks there should be a penalty, and the two agree on a spanking. Amy is turned on by the idea and sets the mood with some music.

Howard learns about fishing

Howard has dinner with Bernadette and his parents, and he's dreading the whole thing. His father-in-law is the ultimate tough guy, and Howard has a hard time relating to him. The two have nothing to talk about at dinner, and Bernadette's dad only gives him one-word answers. On his wife's suggestion, Howard agrees to go on a fishing trip with her dad. Of course, he knows nothing about fishing. He asks Leonard and Raj to teach him, but they don't know anything either. Needing a "manly" person to teach them things, the guys turn to Penny.

Not surprisingly, the guys are grossed out when Penny explains fishing. Howard has a hard time putting a hook through a worm, and everyone gags when Penny guts the fish. Penny wonders how the guys can be so wimpy, and they explain that their dads never did anything with them. Howard shows up to go on the trip, and he tells his father-in-law that he's not crazy about it. They end up bonding after they admit that their wives made them go on the trip in the first place. Bernadette's dad even tells Howard that he can call him Mike from now on. Instead of fishing, they decide to visit a casino.

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