'The Big Bang Theory' episode 6.11 recap: Sheldon finds his holiday spirit

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On the latest "The Big Bang Theory" episode, the guys decided to play a game instead of hanging out with their significant others. This causes tension at first, but the girls eventually occupy themselves when they attempt to find a girlfriend for Raj. Meanwhile, Leonard uses the game to trigger Christmas memories that Sheldon has buried deep inside. Here is a recap of the latest episode, "The Santa Simulation."

The opening

The episode opens with Leonard telling Penny about a game night with the guys. He has to convince her to let him play Dungeons & Dragons, and the other guys have to do the same with their ladies. Sheldon disappoints Amy by telling her she can't play, while Howard tells Bernadette that everyone will blame her if she keeps him from joining the game. Meanwhile, Raj breaks the news to Stuart, who is more than happy to get in on the game. That sets up two very different evenings for the guys and the girls.

Sheldon's Christmas memories

Before the guys start the game, Leonard hands Sheldon a Christmas gift. After going on a rant about his distaste for Christmas, he discovers that the gift is a scroll that contains the mission for the game. Much to Sheldon's chagrin, the theme of the game involves Santa Claus.

The game starts, and Raj is quickly eliminated. During the next mission, Sheldon saves all of their characters from doom by singing the Christmas carol "Good King Wenceslas." More signs of Sheldon's Christmas spirit surface, and he begins to talk about snowmen while drinking eggnog. However, he says that his happy thoughts don't have anything to do with Christmas. Leonard tries to get Sheldon to admit that he enjoys the holidays, and it's clear that he engineered the whole game around Christmas traditions.

After the game wraps up, Sheldon goes on a rant about Santa Claus. He tells a sad story about how he met Santa at a mall and how he was upset that Santa didn't bring his grandfather back when he was little. As a result of that childhood experience, Sheldon dooms Santa's fate within the game. Afterward, Leonard regrets that he skipped out on sex with Penny in order to play with the guys. At the end of the episode, Sheldon has a dream in which Santa shows up at the apartment to seek revenge for what happened in the game.

Finding a girl for Raj

The girls are upset that the guys ditched them for Dungeons & Dragons . After Penny reminds the guys of what they're missing by staging a little fashion show, she announces that they're heading out to the bar. Since Raj was already out of the game, he joins them.

While they are out at the bar, Bernadette suggests that they find a girl for Raj. Things don't start out well, and Raj admits that he always seeks women that might be out of his league. He mentions his previous crushes on Bernadette and Penny, but upsets Amy by not including her on his crush list. Raj apologizes for hurting her feelings, and the two end up sharing stories about how lonely they've been in the past. Raj tells Amy that she is lovely, making her happy. Of course, he is still left without a woman when the night ends.

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