'The Big Bang Theory' and the Real Big Bang Theory

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"The Big Bang Theory" is the number one sitcom in Canada. It is hard to believe that anyone in Canada or the United States has never seen the show, or are at least are aware of the show and its great characters.

Let's face it, when we say the big bang theory, few people will think of the theory that holds that the universe started by a culmination of hot gases that created the universe with a bang. Most people will think of the show that bears this theory's name. Of course the show was named after this idea, first introduced to the scientific community by Georges Lemaitre in the 1920s and 1930s. This theory purports that all galaxies must have a starting point.

There are so many parallels between the scientific theory and the show that bears its name. We can start with the fact that the lovable nerds on the show are physicists. The main character, Sheldon Cooper, is a theoretical physicist working for Caltech. His specialty is string theory. Where the big bang theory attempts to explain how the universe came into existence, string theory takes it a step further and tries to explain what the universe is made of. String theory, as its name implies, suggests that the universe is made up of strings of the tiniest particles in existence.

Leonard Hofstadter is an experimental physicist and best friend to Sheldon Cooper. His research is about particle theory that, to the layman, sounds pretty much the same as Sheldon's work. However, Sheldon will not accept that inference. He constantly ribs Leonard about how his work is far more important to the world of science. Fans do not care whose work is more important, they love the guys for who they are. What is important to fans is that the show is funny and keeps them tuned in every week to see what the guys and Penny will be up to next.

Fans have come to love all the characters and their various quirks. The science aspect of the show is toned down to make the show more understandable to the viewers. Fans love how these geniuses can be down to earth. In essence they are just regular guys outside of the laboratory.

There is no doubt that the show "The Big Bang Theory" rocked the better part of North America and started off with a "big bang."


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