'The Big Bang Theory' season premiere recap: The trouble with date night

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The new season of "The Big Bang Theory" is under way, and the show didn't waste any time when it comes to new storylines. While Howard deals with a home crisis from space, the other relationships involving the main characters are tested. The season premiere might have focused on the couples, but Raj wasn't left out in the cold. It looks like every character on the show will have a lot going on this season, and that's a good thing. Here's a recap of the season premiere of "The Big Bang Theory."

Howard and Bernadette

Howard might be in space, but he isn't escaping the wrath of his mother. In his first scene of the season, his mom is yelling at him over the computer. It seems that she is very angry at the idea of Howard moving in with his wife, and she's laying the guilt trip on him in a big way. At one point, she mentions that she might die of a broken heart. Meanwhile, Bernadette is mad at Howard, too. She's angry that he didn't tell his mom about his plan to move out, and Howard is right in the middle of a conflict between his mom and his wife. Eventually, he decides to please both of them by telling them what they want to hear. When one of the Russians on the space station asks him what he will do about his lies when he gets home, Howard mentions that he's never going back.

Amy and Sheldon

It's date night for Amy and Sheldon, but there is an apparently loophole in the relationship agreement. It turns out that Sheldon feels like he is within his rights to invite Raj to join them, and that upsets Amy. After Raj talks about how romantic the scene is, Amy boots him from the date. She attempts to hit on Sheldon, but her efforts are lost on him. Fed up, she threatens to leave unless Sheldon can say something from his heart. He lays a romantic line on her, but it turns out it came from the movie "Spider-Man." That doesn't bother Amy, who appreciates the line and takes Sheldon back.

Leonard and Penny

The show's main couple hasn't really addressed the fact that Leonard proposed during sex, and Penny is in no rush to change that. Leonard organizes a relaxing date at home that allows Penny to watch the game and a have a few beers. Of course, he makes a couple of attempts to talk about the status of their relationship. Penny just wants to relax, and she feels like she will be saved when Raj shows up to join the date. Eventually, a drunken Raj gives them both a dose of reality. He says that they have been through a lot and are still together. However, he gets angry when he learns that Penny has never told Leonard that he loves her. He orders her to tell him, but Penny responds by kicking him out. However, it seems clear that she does really love Leonard after all they have been through.
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