Black Sabbath on 'CSI': Five More Iconic Rock Band TV Cameos

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Check out this concert date: Ozzy Osbourne's legendary band, Black Sabbath, will make a cameo on the season finale of "CSI." The heavy metal pioneers will debut their new single, "End of the Beginning," on the CBS crime drama -- 35 years after their last studio album! That's a long time between gigs!

According to Rolling Stone, the show's executive producer Don McGill said in a statement: "So many of us are longtime fans. And seeing as the album is titled '13' and this is the finale of 'CSI's' Season 13, it seemed like the perfect match. We couldn't be more thrilled."

But while "CSI's" Ozzfest is truly awesome, it's not the first time a rock band has made a cool cameo. Check out five rock band TV cameos from the past.

The Doobie Brothers on "What's Happening"

Back in 1978, Rerun, Raj, and the gang jammed to the Doobie Brothers in a two-part episode that featured the '70s rockers performing a concert at their former high school. (Yes, a then 30-year-old Doobie Bro Patrick Simmons actually said, "Hey Rerun, I remember you from Miss Phillips's class. Nice to see you came back for the concert," to which Rerun replied, "Came back? I'm still here!") Too bad the reunion was cut short when Rerun got caught bootlegging the concert after his supersized recording device fell out of his trench coat. And to think the Doobies thought they were all friends! See the Doobie Brothers on "What's Happening":

The Black Eyes Peas on "Las Vegas"

Everyone from Duran Duran to Sugarland made cameos on the NBC series "Las Vegas," but the Black Eyes Peas' 2004 stint on the show proved to be a match made in heaven. After meeting while shooting the episode "Montecito Lancers," "Las Vegas" star Josh Duhamel and Black Eyes Peas singer Fergie fell in love and got married. Of course, Josh's crush on the sexy singer has been well documented. Fergie told People, "I had read in a magazine that he had a naughty dream about me … Time went by, and I saw on the schedule that we were taping a show called 'Las Vegas,' and I thought, 'Is this the show he's on?' We met, and I said, 'I read you had a dream about me.' He said yeah, and I asked, 'Was it good?' He said it was. So we hit it off." Here's a pic from the Peas' "Las Vegas" cameo.

Buffalo Tom on "My So-Called Life"

In 1994, Boston-based alternative rock band Buffalo Tom turned up for an underground gig at Pike Street, a fictional club on the short-lived ABC series "My So-Called Life." The show's main character, Angela Chase (Claire Danes), convinced herself that her crush, Jordan Catalano (Jared Leto), asked her to meet him at the show, but teen angst took center stage in the end as the bad boy was too busy playing pool with his buds to pay attention to her. Oh well, there's always Krakow. Watch Buffalo Tom performing "Late at Night" on "My So-Called Life" now:

Sonic Youth on "Gilmore Girls"

There's no jumping in the town square! In 2006, alt rockers Sonic Youth jumped into Stars Hollow to sing an acoustic version of their song "What a Waste." And while they played a fictionalized version of themselves, band members Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon were joined by daughter Coco for a jump-filled jam session. In an interview with Timeout New York, Thurston Moore talked about how his appearance on the WB show came to be: "I was flipping channels in a hotel room one morning, and it came on," he said. "The dialogue blew my mind -- all these arcane literary references and clever repartee -- and I got addicted. There was an episode where one character said to another, 'You're boyfriend and girlfriend. You can't be in a band together; it won't work.' The other one said, 'Oh yeah, what about Sonic Youth?' And my jaw dropped. So I called our management, and they made a couple of calls, and the show's people invited us to come on. So me, Kim, and Coco played 'What a Waste' from the new album. We weren't Sonic Youth -- we were this horrible thing that annoys the whole town." Check out Moore as a Troubadour:

The Beach Boys on "Full House"

Considering "Full House" star John Stamos is an honorary member of The Beach Boys, this cameo isn't a total shocker. Still, back in the day, young fans of the ABC sitcom may have actually thought that the song "Forever" was an original Jessie and the Rippers song. (In reality, the Boys recorded it in 1970.) Meanwhile, members of the surf-lovin' band appeared on several episodes of "Full House," where they jammed to hits like "Kokomo," "Barbara Ann," and, yes, "Forever." Check out a "Full House" concert clip now:

The "CSI" season finale featuring Black Sabbath will air on Wednesday, 5/15 at 10 PM on CBS.

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