'Blue Bloods' Returns This Fall for an All-New Season: Are You Ready?

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A new season of "Blue Bloods" is upon us, but are you up to date with the series? For those that are new to "Blue Bloods" there is no need to fret, we will do our best to fill you in on last season. For returning fans this second season of "Blue Bloods," we've got some news for you as well.

Throughout last season we were shown the dynamics of a Catholic New York family through four generations. Grandpa Henry (Len Cariou), a retired commissioner himself, joined the banter and gave great insight into what was already a multi-sided argument occurring at the Reagan dinner table. While he was very much by-the-book on his arguments, he did not look down on the arguments given by his homicide detective grandson Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) that seemed to have a catch-the-perpetrator-by-any-means-necessary which sometimes included unorthodox and very much illegal means.

Giving the unique by-the-book legal side, Erin (Bridget Moynahan) provides viewers with the legal approach towards catching suspects which also keeps her brother Danny, a happily married father of two boys, out of handcuffs. Although Danny may feel someone is guilty of a crime, if he does not follow the rules, the suspect can walk free; which is something that Erin is constantly trying to remind Danny of. While Erin is divorced and with a teenage daughter (Sami Gayle), she devotes all of her time towards work and family which seems to be the Reagan thing to do when single.

Frank (Tom Selleck) provides viewers with the politics that ensue with being the active commissioner in charge. The widowed commissioner had one relationship during season one of "Blue Bloods" that seemed to be a relationship out of personal gain for the reporter he was seeing. Although the relationship did not last long in the season, Frank remained single afterwards and dealt with the ever so overbearing Mayor Frank Russo (Bruce Altman) whose only concern was making himself look good for next year's election; even if it meant making others look bad.

Harvard Law graduate, Jamie (Will Estes), turned rookie cop gives viewers the duality that can occur when the right thing to do and the lawful thing to do, collide. While he had his future set towards becoming a lawyer, the youngest of the third Reagan generation decided that he preferred the life of a police officer. During the first season of "Blue Bloods" Jamie was faced with secrets that lay well within the roots of the New York Police department called The Blue Templar which was the on-going story for the season.

His own brother, Joe, was recruited while serving as a police officer, to investigate this secret society of police officers that had turned into dirty cops. During Joe's investigation, he was killed and Jamie was approached in the pilot episode to pick up the investigation where Joe had left off. Determined to find his brother's killer, Jamie conducted his own investigation into his brother's death that involved the whole family in the first season finally.

What new and exciting things can viewers expect this Friday? Well while giving away too much might hinder the mysteries that would keep us coming back for more each week, what we do know is that there will be a new story that will continue throughout the season that "...involves a story for Jamie and an organized crime figure," said new "Blue Bloods" producer Ed Zuckerman. Organized crime in New York City is a plot that has been done before many times. It will be interesting to see how "Blue Bloods" is able to tackle this plot with the different facets of the Reagan dynamics and carry it throughout the season to keep us coming back for more each week.

"Blue Bloods" second season premiers September 23, at 10 p.m. E.T. on CBS.

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