'Boardwalk Empire' Season 2 finale recap and Season 3 preview

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The chilling Season 2 finale of HBO's brilliant "Boardwalk Empire" delivered a shocking, powerful punch. The writing was superb, and unlike other shows, fans did not see this one coming.

R.I.P. James Darmody

The biggest jaw-dropper was Jimmy getting gunned down by ambivalent father-figure Nucky Thompson. Bang, just like that -- a pivotal lead actor, Michael Pitt, and his alter ego, Jimmy Darmody, gone! The scene with Jimmy's peaceful face lying in a pool of blood was satisfying and heartbreaking.

The murder will create emotional head trips for Nucky, because let's face it, deserving or not, he killed his own clan. Does this point to a colder, crueler Enoch? You bet.

Mr. and Mrs. Thompson

Other pivotal stories involved more betrayal (nothing new), Jimmy settling the score with Chalky White by turning in KKK members, and Margaret and Nucky tying the knot.

Jimmy tried to make peace and convince Thompson that Eli was behind the murder plot, and in an attempt at repentance with regard to the pending trial, Jimmy strong armed the county treasurer to sign an affidavit vindicating Nucky. Once he did, they killed the guy, and attached the affidavit to his body, making it look like a final confession/suicide note. Noble effort indeed, but too late -- R.I.P., Mr. Darmody!

Fast forward to 1923

In the intriguing HBO teaser "Boardwalk Empire - Invitation to the set," there is clearly a lot to look forward to in Season 3. The action fast forwards to 1923. Margaret, already a force to be reckoned with, comes into her own. Gillian is raising little Tommy, along with Richard Harrow, who will be there to look after his buddy's son.

Most exciting is the addition of two outstanding actors to "Boardwalk Empire": Bobby Cannavale will play the role of Gyp Rosetti, and James Cromwell stars as a political figure.

Get ready for another wild, deadly, and thrilling year!

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