Has Bobby Singer Died on ‘Supernatural’?

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On the Season 7, Episode 9 of "Supernatural," "How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters," Bobby Singer did not respond to Sam and Dean after they got away from the leviathans. It seems that Bobby has been shot. Is he dead? If he is, then Sam and Dean will be devastated. What would they do without him? Here are a few ideas on what might happen next.

What Has Happened to Bobby Singer?

It could be that Bobby has been shot dead by Dick, the leviathan. If this is the case, then Sam and Dean will definitely want to find a way to kill all of the leviathans, or at least get rid of Dick first. Bobby might even make it and end up recovering in hospital, which would mean he would still be out of action for a while. Whatever happens, Sam and Dean will have to do a lot of hunting on their own. Of course, Bobby is more experienced, so the brothers will be lost without him. Where will they get their answers from? They could look through all of Bobby's books or they might call Crowley for help.

If Bobby Singer Dies, Will an Angel Bring Him Back to Life?

If this happens, then a familiar angel may return to "Supernatural." Could God bring back Castiel, or will another angel appear? It would be exciting to see Castiel again, especially if he were to bring back Bobby. Perhaps Bobby's soul visits heaven and meets Castiel there, who tries to send him back to earth. This would be very interesting.

How Will Sam and Dean Cope Without Bobby?

Dean may find it harder to take in than Sam, especially since he lost his friend, Castiel, recently. Bobby is the hunter with all the information and books. He has the knowledge to end the leviathans. He is clever with his hunting work, so without him it would not work. Who will Sam and Dean turn to for help in the future if Bobby is not around? They do not have anyone else to turn to anymore. If Bobby dies, then the Winchester brothers will need a new angel or someone who can help them to get rid of the leviathans. Let's hope they can get the help!

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