'Bob's Burgers' review, recap: 'An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal' serves up a wacky holiday feast

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"An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal," the first-ever Turkey-Day themed episode of "Bob's Burgers," was quirky and highly entertaining. The writing and timing on this program is often dead-pan and monotone, but the Nov. 18 installment took a more absurd slant, with great results.

The storyline centered on Mr. Fischoeder (pronounced Fish-Odor), voiced by the wonderful Kevin Kline, who wants to make his old flame, Shelby, jealous. In exchange for five months of free rent, Fischoeder asks Bob to pretend to be his chef, while Bob's wife and kids pose as his faux-family.

"Tooth Fairy Eve" and other silliness

The funniest moments revolved around Bob's love for his favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, and the family's confession that they do not share his passion for the festive Thursday. Much to Bob's disappointment, the little ones say that many other "holidays" are more important to them, such as "Black Friday, Tooth Fairy Eve, Angela Lansbury's birthday, and 'Game of Thrones' season premiere day."

Other bits of goofiness include Bob's obsession with "Lance," the "talking" dinner turkey, who says things like, "Can you leave the oven light on for me, I get scared?" and The Belcher's attempts at pulling off the Thanksgiving prank for Fischoeder.

Angry over the brood ignoring him while he pretends to be chef-of-the-night, Bob gets drunk cooking the feast, which leads to a wild dream sequence starring a gigantic Lance and dancing vegetables. Meanwhile, Bob's wife, Linda, and their three kids (Louise, Gene and Tina) take turns fawning over "Daddy." The antics include Louise performing a funky performance art number, Gene's "why I love papa Fischoeder" dance, and Linda singing a weird yet catchy seasonal tune.

R.I.P. Lance the Turkey

The episode remained silly right to the end as Shelby -- Mr. Fischoeder's nutty gal pal, who got hot and bothered by the dinner-party festivities -- chased "Chef" Bob with a shotgun and put a bullet in poor Lance the turkey. The execution (pun intended) of this scene was clever and a lot of fun.

Dude sounds like a lady?

One of "Bob's Burgers" strengths this year is how the writers are mixing up the writing style -- such as the sweet 2012 premiere show about a motorcycle gang who came to town, which delivered a strong stereotype- breaking message, to an amusing comedic farce like "An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal."

The one minor downside of the episode is hearing male actors voice the lead female characters, especially considering they are not particularly effective as "girls." Thankfully, the aggressive, manipulative (but still charming) bunny-ears-wearing Louise Belcher (Kristen Schaal, who shined in "Flight of the Conchords") is talented enough to make up for the other voice-over confusion.

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