'Bob's Burgers' Season 3 premiere recap: Bunny ears, bikers, and the baby

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"Bob's Burgers" Season 3 premiere, "Ear-sy Rider," was a sharply funny, slightly touching, and thoroughly enjoyable way to kick off the new year.

"Easy Rider" wannabes

When a biker gang, One-Eyed Snakes, comes to town to mourn the death of one of their own, residents are shaken by the scary group of Hell's Angels rejects, including the woman who can "open a can of beer with her boobs!"

While the "Easy Rider" wannabes wreak havoc, they make up for it by offering Bob and clan their "services" in the future. This, of course, is the obvious set-up for what soon follows.

Louise kicks butt

When Louise encounters a group of teenage skateboarding thugs, who steal her precious trademark bunny ears -- which apparently give her a huge boost of confidence and strength, ala Sampson and his hair.

Not one to be defeated by hooligans, a spirited Louise tells the thief, Logan, "Hell hath no fury like I do!" and she's off and running on her quest for vengeance.

Logan claims that he threw out the ears at a taco joint, which sends Louise on a journey to find them. The scene of a frustrated Louise stalking Logan at school, jumping out from different escalators, was smart as was her decision to pull the "mom" card and tell the little creep's parents what he did. Of course, it didn't hurt that she could call in a favor from her new Harley Davidson buddies, too! Louise's personality fluctuates from a cute, innocent victim to a raging lunatic -- a clever way to keep the pace of the show strong.

Motorcycle mama

In the secondary storyline, the town's parents voice their disgust over what they feel Bob's Burgers has turned into -- a "biker bar" -- and call for a war between the nice, civilized citizens and their motorcycle lovin' neighbors. Verbal assaults of, "Go fart in a phone booth," and other silly threats were fired yielding amusing results.

However, rage quickly turns to goo when "Mudflap," one of the biker women, goes into labor. As the baby is delivered right there on the dining room table, everyone starts feeling the love, including Louise and her ear-stealing enemy, Logan. Or so it seems.

What's not to love about "Burgers"?

The satisfying final scene of the bikers versus the straight-laced, and how the birth of a child turned them into friends, was characteristic of most "Bob's Burgers" episodes.

The writers are good at mixing the right amount of sweetness and levity, delivering a message that is non-preachy, giving regular and new viewers plenty of reasons to care. The Fox show looks to be coming into its own in Season 3. If the writing stays strong with heart and a clear sense of purpose to make people laugh without the shock and controversy of other Sunday night animation programs, "Bob's Burgers" will be just fine.

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