Will 'Body of Proof' Be Saved From Cancellation?

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ABC's medical drama "Body of Proof" has been sitting on the fence for some time. It's good -- but not great or terrible. The series is in its third season, and many fans have been wondering if "Body of Proof" will see a fourth. Just like the show's popularity seems to vacillate, so does the question of its cancellation.

The ratings keep dropping

The first season of "Body of Proof" had only nine episodes, but it did pretty well. The second season got a boost in episodes, but ratings dropped drastically. Many believed that cancellation was imminent, but ABC kept the show on for at least one more season. Season 3 has only 13 episodes. A full season hurt the show, so ABC seemingly tried again with a midseason premiere, which worked for Season 1. Is it working? No. "Body of Proof" continues to drop in ratings.

The show is the best in the 10 p.m. time slot

Taking into account most current shows, "Body of Proof" is doing badly in ratings. If a viewer only takes into account shows that air at 10 p.m. on Tuesdays, then "Body of Proof" is doing very well. "Body of Proof" has been the most-watched program during that time slot for the last several weeks, according to TV By The Numbers. It might not say much, but taking into consideration that ABC has to air something at 10 p.m. on Tuesdays, it's best to air the winning show, right?

'Body of Proof' has been saved before

After Season 2, there was tons of speculation that "Body of Proof" was done. TV By The Numbers even had it listed as likely to be canceled. But, the show survived and received a third season. Season 3 isn't doing too well, but not too badly either.The network would need a good reason to save it and would have to feel that keeping "Body of Proof" wouldn't be a waste of money. It's a tough call for ABC.

A possible mid-season replacement

What could happen is a bit of a compromise. ABC might bring "Body of Proof" back as a mid-season replacement or a short mid-season show again. "Body of Proof" has been trying to entice viewers with a more exciting plot, according to TV Guide, and that might be enough for ABC to keep it around as a replacement for a new show that does terrible. The show plans to create some closure between the main character, Dr. Megan Hunt, and her parents. If she gets that closure, then will there be a need for more episodes?

It is unlikely that "Body of Proof" will not get a fourth full season. At a minimum, fans might get a handful of shows mid-season 2014, but even that is iffy.

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